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    Strawberry Hearts

    Post by Lunette on Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:32 pm

    February 5th | 8 AM | Year 7

    The morning snow was always a beautiful sight. The sun rose and lit the sky on fire with hues of red and pinks, while the snow on the ground shimmered once it was hit with the morning light. Such a view would be worthy of a painting or photograph, but Lunette did neither, and merely enjoyed the view as it was from her window. Off to the side, she could see the city she had once inhabited, and with a gentle inhale of the crisp, cold air, she was glad for the change of scenery. The city wasn't a bad place, by any means, but her heart and body belonged to a more... rustic way of life.

    The cold was never a problem, as apparent by her lack of coat as she slumped along the window's edge, arms folded and eyelids half closed. With temperatures down, it was always harder for her to stay awake during the winter months, the cold making her feel sluggish and lazy as she wished to bathe in the warm sunlight like... well, a cat. Of course. A short yawn escaped her as she finally stood up, straightened her night gown and went to her personal bathroom to freshen up for the day.

    A quick shower was nothing compared to the time it often took the feline to groom and primp; hair drying, brushing her hair, brushing her fur, adding a hint of rouge and a touch of perfume, and a final curling for her... curl! Dressed and ready, her next order of business was to check for chores to do and then tend to the plants in the small greenhouse. The strawberries should be ready about now--they grew rather quickly in the special soil and fertilizer Boon had created, though he never told her what it was made of. To be honest, she didn't really want to know. Whatever the case, it worked, and their plants grew just a bit faster, bigger, brighter and tastier.

    Stairs creaked as Lunette made her way downstairs, boots gently thumping against the wood. "Mornin', Lulu~" Boon sang as she descended, his hands full with freshly cleaned menus. "Got these menus all shiny 'n ready! They look mighty nice, but nothin' looks as nice as you~" The daemon grinned cheekily, fangs poking out from beneath his lip as he bent over and kissed the feline on the head. Lunette let out a gentle purr at the greeting and returned a kiss upon his lower jaw, "thank you~ You seem really chipper this morning. Did Collins do your chores for you again?" Boon shook his head at the quip, "nah, just a good mornin'! 'Sides, he don't do that anymore." Boon couldn't pay Collins enough to do the manual labor the daemon had to do...

    Boon left Lunette to her own work, to which she nabbed some gardening tools, put on a small coat and walked out the back and into the snow. Her boots crunched with every step towards the greenhouse until she entered, kicking her feet lightly of snow and getting right to work, tending to the several different vegetables and some fruits they had growing. Something about the smell of fresh dirt and leafy goodness was always so nice and welcoming. While trimming, watering and nurturing was part of the job, Lunette's favorite was being able to harvest what she and her friends worked on to create. A large basket awaited to be filled as the strawberries were ripe and ready, and would be used mostly in desserts and drinks. Of course there were potatoes, carrots and even some tomatoes ready to be plucked as well, but the strawberries always smelled the best. They'd be saved for last, placed triumphantly on top of the other veggies and fruits that were collected.

    "Mm... a strawberry shortcake sounds so good..." Lunette said quietly as she left the greenhouse, taking a small sniff of one of the strawberries. As tempting as it was to eat one, she'd rather put them to more use. A strawberry shortcake did sound good, and they were running low on a few other desserts that had been prepared... Tilting her head at the thought, she began sorting the foodstuffs into their respective places, taking the strawberries out last and looking them over.

    "Hmm..." her nose scrunched a bit, thinking of what to create with these ripe berries. Shortcake was just so common... who wanted to trek out here for just a shortcake? No, something else... perhaps something more... decadent! Snapping her fingers, the cat rushed to the fridge and pantries, gathering up a large assortment of items; milk, eggs, flour, a whisk, and some large bowls, to list a few. They all nearly collapsed onto the counter as she placed them, moving too quickly to let anything settle. So she began the process of making a cake--but there was also pie crust to be made, hinting at more than just one item to be made.

    While she worked quickly to chop some of the berries, Collins peeked inside to find the source of the noise. "Ahh, you're cooking. Nevermind, then." Before he could escape, Lunette snapped her fingers, "wait wait! You can help! Go get Boon, too. We're making some Valentine themed desserts!" She purred loudly as her words rolled off her tongue in a chipper manner, Collins groaning a bit at the idea of a 'love themed' food. Valentine's was one of the dumbest 'holidays' he had heard of, but Lunette was a sucker for romantic stuff. Boon, too. "Alright... I'll go get him," the gargoyle said in a disgruntled manner, brow furrowed as he went to get the daemon.

    The two came into the kitchen to find she had already placed some cake into the oven to cook. "Boon, why don't you work on the icing and decorating? And Collins, you can help make a pie~!" Boon was estatic as he grinned once more and went straight to work on a fine icing, though Collins scratched the back of his ear idly and kept his brow furrowed, eyes narrow and a look of wishing to be hit by a truck on his face. There's a look for that.

    Valentine's day wasn't too far off, but it never hurt to start promoting some specials in regards to it. Soon, there'd be a lot of pink, white and red food on the menu, but (thankfully) not for too terribly long.

    Valentine's Day specials are available from now until the 15th of February.

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