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    Ink Blots



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    Ink Blots

    Post by Lunette on Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:32 pm

    APRIL 2nd | YEAR 7 | 05:19

    Scritch, scritch...

    Tap, tap, tap.

    A sleek, black pen laid betwixt blue-steel fingers as it was gently and repeatedly tapped against the pad of paper it had marked. The small light on the desk focused on the messy paper, covered in ink and scratched out words and sentences, while its light also hovered above various crumpled up pieces of paper scattered about on the desk and floor near a small waste bin. Lunette let out a gentle yet frustrated sigh, eyes glaring down at the paper that mocked her. Words jumbled in her head, as if fighting each other for whichever to be written down first, none fitting within one another and making nonsense sentences. The tapping stopped as she lazily twirled the pen around her hair, curling it up and gently releasing it, only to twirl it once more. Nothing felt right, none of these words, none of the emotions--the pen was suddenly flicked onto the desk in frustration as Lunette stood up with a huff. Her face went from a mixture of confusion and irritation to one of apathy as she left the desk, kicking a few of the balled-up pieces of paper near the bin.

    Before leaving her room, the feline took a moment to wander near a window, glancing out towards the sunrise. The warmth was barely there, nearly insignificant, but by noon, she hoped it would be bursting with heat, melting the snow and bringing forth the new season. It was sort of exciting to think about it; some new clothes, sunbathing, outdoor activities, perhaps visiting more often... maybe even some new citizens to welcome. Though, the latter thought was quickly pushed aside--it felt as though new people didn't stay for long. If they did, it was by sheer willpower, maybe. But, despite that, it was still a welcoming season.

    Her mind paced back and forth in thought regarding outfits she could assemble as she left her room, wandering downstairs with a vacant look on her face. Thoughts were interrupted as she noticed there wasn't any coffee made, and no one else around. With a slightly pouty face, Lunette shuffled over to the coffee maker and began preparing some, letting out a huff, "guess it's just me for now." It wasn't too common for her to be the only up in the early mornings, and when such mornings came around, it took a bit longer for the feline to really bother doing anything. With no one around to talk to or interact with, she could only really either leave to the city or stay in and wait a bit longer. "Hmmm..." blue eyes glanced around for anything of interest, but found nothing to focus on or ponder about, and only waited for the coffee as it began to heat up and bubble.

    A teaspoon of sugar, a bit of flavoring (today was a hazelnut kind of day), and some milk were mixed in with the harsh, black drink before she took a cautious sip. Tail fizzling, hair standing a bit and nose scrunching, Lunette nodded firmly, "yep, that's the harsh stuff..." Shaking it off, fur returning to its silky smooth nature, she took her mug of coffee, a breakfast biscuit and a slice of chocolate cake from the fridge up to her room. The cake was more so a last minute thing, but it was never a bad time for chocolate or cake! Placed on her side table, Lunette snuggled back into bed and opened a book that was underneath the pillow next to her--likely pushed there after falling asleep reading it--and flipped through the pages towards her bookmark.

    Sapphire eyes were about to drift over to the crumpled papers but stopped, shifting quickly to the first sentence on the new chapter of her book.

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