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    Underground Dawn

    Post by Gasper on Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:26 pm

    APRIL 10th | Year 7 | 06:00

    There wasn't a lot for the Hunter to do here.

    His days consisted of roaming what ever part of the Breach he found himself on, making make-shift camp sites and looking for anything to do, maybe even hints as to what happened to the Dream. He found nothing, however -- no hints of the Choir, no taint of the Vilebloods, and, while some citizens appeared to be monstrous and nightmarish, Gasper found no signs of anything insightful. It was strange... He hadn't fought anything in months, and though he would hunt and kill a beast for blood, keeping his lust down, there wasn't at all anything he felt he could do adequately enough to find work.

    No one desired a Hunter. There was no need for him to kill monsters and beasts. What was he to do, then? Experiencing the land and learning of what it had to offer was the only thing he had been doing. That was fine... It was a nice change from scenes of blood and death. But he felt a little... bored. Aimless. His conical helm tilted upwards as he rested against a rock, blade set beside him still sheathed and clean. It was a lovely sky tonight, and reminded him of some of the nicer scenery within the Nightmare. Ahh, the Nightmares... Gasper realized he hadn't dreamt in so long, not since coming here, actually. His thoughts weren't filled with horror or sorrow as they had been.

    For that, he was grateful.

    Back to the sky, it began from the dark blue and purple hues that bled into the breaking dawn of pink and reds, the sun's white hot light peering of the horizon. Ahh, dawn...

    It was something he loved, honestly. The warmth of the sun and how bright it made the world seem, it was nice to see something of the light rather than from the depths of the darkness.

    Gasper grumbled underneath his helm, tilting his head down as he sighed heavily, slumping over.

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