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    Nothing Gained, Nothing Lost



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    Nothing Gained, Nothing Lost

    Post by Lunette on Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:24 am

    APRIL 20TH | YEAR 7 | 3:45-ish

    Click, click, click...

    Heels hit the pavement as Lunette crossed he street, not really caring about the traffic that honked at her for jaywalking. The feline couldn't really bother to look at the little image of the man on the street signs, her eyes welling up with tears as her hands tried to wipe them away. More came out, though, and it felt like a futile attempt of keeping them dry. Her heel knocked itself against an uneven plate of the sidewalk, causing her trip and fall. A tall woman and her shorter female friend held out their hands, asking if she was alright. "I-I'm fine..." Lunette mumbled, waving her hand as she stood up, dusting herself off and continuing her speedy walk towards the bus stop. The two ladies looked at her, trying to stop the feline, but weren't able to catch her as she boarded the bus.

    Fumbling with her bag, Lunette flashed her bus pass and took a seat in the middle, legs wobbling a bit as she sat, ears flattened and eyes still watery. Taking in a deep breath, then releasing it, her nose sounding a little clogged. A cough escaped her as she attempted to find her kerchief, checking her chest and pulling it out. The lacy keychief cleaned her eyes with just a dab or two, but before she could blow her nose, those sapphire eyes noticed--



    Her mind went blank, small hands shaking lightly as something started to come back.

    In the back of her mind:

    *continues to purr and nuzzle*

    I lack the ssensssitivity my brother possesssesss.

    ... I think you're doing better, though.

    Oh? What bringsss you to that conclusssion, if I may assk?

    Well, you're coming around a lot more, and you laugh sometimes. *purrs and sinks in her seat~*

    Hm, I have, haven't I. *keeps scratching, albeit absentmindedly* Mm...

    *shivers happily* Mmhm! I hope that doesn't bother you though. It's very nice.

    *glances down from staring off at a wall* Hm? Oh, no... It doess not bother me too much.

    "... Stop..." Eyebrow twitching, her hands gripped her head. Legs curled up to her chest as her face was hidden, nails digging back into her scalp.

    It plays again:

    *rubs her cheek on his arm* I bet you never pictured yourself sitting and snuggling, hm?

    *scratching slow circles between her shoulders* Certainly not.

    Well, I enjoy it, so thank you~

    Essspecially with a sssinner.

    I am a dirty sinner. *sticks out her tongue*

    Hm, indeed. *scratches over her back* But you are better than sssome I have come acrosss.

    *blushes* O-oh.. I'm glad~! I'm... really happy to know that, actually. *smiles*

    She felt sick to her stomach, that feeling of bile forcing its way up through her asophagus. It took a great deal to swallow it, pushing it back down as it buned her throat. "S... stop it... I'm sorry...."

    You never apologized.

    Lunette knew that. Her mind was doing it again--picking at her wounds, not letting them heal fully, never letting them feel painless.

    You're doing it again--and so fast.

    Nails began to crinkle as they stabbed her scalp, pricking through the skin and drawing some blood. Her face was scrunched, eyes closed tightly as possible, the sharp pain in her scalp nothing compared to the prodding and jabbing of her mind.

    Why do you even bother? You're just going to hurt him, too. You can't even fathom the pain you'll experience if you do--but you don't care, do you? That's all you want; someone to give you constant attention.


    Constant affection.


    Constant love and comfort that you'll never get to keep.

    "Ow--" A large tear rolled down her cheek along with a gentle drip of blood. Her nails  had broken through a good inch or two, puncturing enough for blood to seep out. The feline jittered a bit before rubbing her kerchief onto her head, dabbing the broken spots. 'I'm so stupid,' nose scrunched into  scowl, eyes narrowing, 'I'm so stupid...' Those three words were repeated several times, so many that she forgot her surroundings, where she was and that it was apparently the end of the line.


    Her eyes opened, looking weary and bloodshot. "W-what?" "Final stop, ma'am. Near that pub close to the forest line!" Lunette looked out the window, the city behind them and the grasslands in perfect view. The forest wasn't too far off either, but she collected herself and, shakily, stood and wobbled out of the bus. "Do you uh--need help?" "No--no no, I'm fine..." she said, a meek smile across her face as she took the final step onto the dirt. "Thank you. Have a good night..." The busman tipped his hat, "ahh--you too! And be careful." Closing the doors, the bus started up and rolled forward, making a u-turn on the wide dirt road and heading back to the city.

    "..." The cat watched the bus leave, then focused on the city, eyes glistening against the little lights that made the city so bright and beautiful in the darkest of nights. "... Hmm..." breaking away, Lunette turned around and began her slow walk back home, back to her tavern that she loved and felt comfortable... safe and... secure. Her head hanged a bit, eyes looking at the dirt scuff her gunmetal colored toes. Didn't really matter, though... it was just dirt. Dirt hadn't hurt her--it was easy to wash out... forget about...

    You never apologized.

    Tail fizzling up like a firecracker, her nose scrunched into such an angry pout and ears flattened as far back as possible. CRACK! CRACK CRACK CRACK KRCK! The ground shook a little, her heel busting underneath the weight of her stomping, a crack in the ground. Lunette sneered, taking off both of the heeled sandals and tossing them into the field, hissing in anger. They weren't very expensive, as far as she could remember, and they meant very little to her at this point. When she began walking, though, her paw pads ached by pressing on the hard rocks, small squeaks of pain escaping her as she continued the walk home.


    "Howdy Lulu! Place is cleaned up!" Boon waved at the cat as she walked in, setting up the chairs onto the tables. "How's it goin'?" The daemon's usual smile started to fade once he noticed her dirty paws. "Ey! Where's yer lil' shoes?? Did ya get mugged?" His tone became defensive, brow furrowing as he approached her, arms outstretched to embrace her. She stopped him, however, putting her arms up and giving a meek smile, "no-no that didn't happen, Boon. I just tripped and the heel broke... that's all!" The daemon looked at her skeptically, to which she merely gave his hands a pat and looked at him wearily. "I'm going to freshen up and go to bed, dear. Thank you for working so hard!" The feline leaned in, her little lips puckering and making kissy noises. Boon frowned for a moment before pressing his cheek to her, accepting the kiss and just nodding, "if ya say so, Lulu..." Smiling at him, Lunette let go of his hands tenderly and began her ascent upstairs.

    The lock to her room clicked, knob turning as she pushed it open and entered, a nice scent of fresh linens greeting her. Instead of smiling, she only sighed, closing the door behind her and looking completely lost. Her mind kept trying to pester her, but she couldn't allow that, her eyes shifting to anything of interest. The bed--her book she was ready was on the bed. Maybe reading it... Her body moved as if on it was being pulled be strings, climbing onto he bed and curling up into a ball, eyes still void of any interest, any focus... The book was picked up, but opening it caused the bookmark to fall out, and Lunette grimaced. An irritated but mostly sad sigh escaped her, chest releasing itself of the tension as she tossed the book on the side of the bed.

    She didn't care right now.

    It was just a stupid book...
    Her nose crinkled as she hid her face in the pillow, grabbing another and pushing it atop her head. The blanket was wrapped around her, making it look like a small ball of laundry was hiding beneath. That drained feeling overwhelmed her quickly as she found a comfortable spot on the bed, sinking into it and closing her eyes, hoping sleep would soon take her before her thoughts began once more. Her weary eyes... her head ached... there was a slight feeling of vertigo, until she finally felt a twinge of comfort, a sliver of peace, and slipped into a state of slumber.

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