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    Clairvoyant Eulogy



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    Clairvoyant Eulogy

    Post by Lunette on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:39 am

    APRIL 25th | YEAR 7 | Midnight

    Pitter patter of rain drops hit the windows lightly, a small shower passing over the sturdy building and giving the flowers outside a nice, refreshing drink. Inside, it was dimly light by a few candles scattered about, some flowers laying near them. Incense was burning in a small carrier hanging from the ceiling, and there were three shadows of varying size standing in front of the fireplace, the largest source of light. Had someone been staring in from the window, they'd see them dressed in black and hanging their heads, and perhaps think this was some kind of ritual. In truth, it could be--but nothing of ill will. Sutekh and Alasdair stood on either side of Lunette, who wore a long black dress and a dark silk over her head, imitating a veil.

    Sutekh held a black and gold spear in on hand, a small cauldron of herbs released a cloud of smoke as it hanged from the spear. Alasdair held only a white marker in his left hand, his right placed upon the feline's shoulder, eyes focused and ready. Two others sat across the way, watching and not interfering; Collins and Boon, both masked in shadow, were only spectators, but mourned along with Lunette nonetheless.



    The golden ring along the beastman's tail chimed softly. "Alright... are you ready?" Sutekh looked down at Lunette, her head still hanging and staring at the floor before she finally let out a quiet, "yes." Looking between her and Alasdair, Sutkekh's tail chimed in once more with a gentle ting before his maw opened, and he began the ceremony.

    "Ex Ceht, ouh ij ad kaj x'eih ev hotomf'kaed..."


    "Fhe'kosk ud't nu'kes eloh Veskur ad xaj zeih'doj..."


    The ring's faint glow grew, enough so to illuminate the area.
    The floor had been marked with the marker Al held, an odd symbol right in front of the fireplace was drawn with precision and focus.

    Sutekh placed a hand over Lunette's head for a moment and spoke once more, his tone less harsh and forced.

    "Vehwa'lo kaj ne'mud ev xoh khud'whojaedj ud't vuick... Rhad id'ke xoh fouso ud't vehwa'lodojj..."


    His hand was removed, and the beastman took a few steps back, waving the incense across the veil she wore. "Speak now."

    An exhausted breath came from deep within Lunette's lungs as those words were spoken, and her posture straightened as she took a piece of paper from her chest. Fingers delicately worked to unfold the paper, restoring it to a far less crinkled state as it revealed harsh black ink and cursive. Alasdair then took a few steps back, just as the beastman, and watched, his look sullen and weary. Letting out two forced coughs, the sapphire eyes stared at the words, reading them over and over for a moment before she began.


    I met you by chance, and you were quite a charming gentleman. I knew your real intentions from the start, but I was... happy to get to know you more instead. I know you felt more than I did, and nothing was really going to change that. You were my friend... a trusting, wonderful friend that was accepting of my affection, my faults... my insecurities. But you never hurt me. And that is what I loved most about you--for your selfless love and kindness."

    A pause, Lunette swallowing for a moment as her lips curled into a frown.

    "I never asked for you to do that, and it hurt you never told me. It hurt because I know it was my fault, and I'm SO SORRY... for what I did to you... put you through... all the pain you endured because of ME..."

    The paper shook slightly, her teeth gritting as tears rolled down her soft cheeks. Releasing a whimper, she continued, albeit shakier in voice.

    "But... I've done all I can. I'm sorry if that wasn't enough, or if you hate me. Whatever it is you feel towards me, I want you to know I still feel nothing but love and worry for you... I will never stop that. But I have to move on--I have to let go of my guilt. I have to let it go and I need to live for me, just as you're living for yourself..."

    The jiangshi held out a tissue for Lunette as she cried softly, trying to catch her breath. Taking it to wipe her eyes, she took in a deep breath and released it.

    "... Thank you for everything you've done for me, and for staying with me as long as you did. Please, wherever you are, be safe, and know you are always welcome here... I love you. And good bye..."


    Lips kissed the piece of paper before setting it down onto the odd symbol drawn on the floor. Her hands clasped together, as if praying with all of her might as she stepped back, looking at it once more. It took her a few minutes to compose herself, quietly sniffling and tearing up as her eyes struggled to break their concentration from the parchment that now seeped with tears. Once more, a deep breath came in and out before her eyes looked to the beastman with such distraught feelings. "... I'm--ready." "Are you sure?" It took the feline a moment to respond, her eyes wandering to nearly every corner of the tavern, as if expecting something to happen.

    "... Yes."

    Sutekh gave Alasdair a nod, and the undead placed a black marble atop the paper. It burned suddenly, bright and bursting with a blue glow, and... it was gone. Along with the symbol that was drawn on the floor.


    "It's done." The two looked at each other before focusing on their friend, who had collapsed to her knees at some point, hiding her face in her hands. Sutekh could only gave her back a gentle stroke, then turned to the two in the back, floor creaking a bit as he wandered over to them. "You know what happens--" "If he doesn't respond, he's dead." Sutekh huffed loudly at the gargoyle--ever to the point, he was. This was why Boon was the favorite, Collins... Despite the harshness, he was right. "Yes... Keep watch over her--and keep that robot away. She doesn't need to deal with that shit." Collins' brow quirked as he glanced to Boon, who also seemed a little surprised at that. "... We're not going to stop her from seeing someone--we only kept her Fear's brother because he probably would've killed her had she approached," the speckled gargoyle said matter-of-factually. "Whatever happens, we can only be there with support, right?" Collins glared at Sutekh, who glared back... but surrendered.

    "Fine. But it's still a bad idea." Huffing at them one more time, Sutekh turned and barked, "Al! Let's go."

    "Don't worry... it'll be okay. We'll come by every day, just to make sure." Alasdair's arms wrapped around Lunette, who (of course) returned to hug with one of her own, along with a few kisses to his forehead (more specifically, his spell-tag). "Thank you... I love you, dear... both of you be safe, okay?" Alasdair nodded, a small smile on his face as her thumb brushed some dirt away from his cheek before releasing him. "Bye, Lunette. Drink some tea, okay?" Sutekh was out the door first, Al following as he waved them all good-bye.

    Lunette watched them pass, the outside still cloudy and overcast, but the rain had let up, putting a few worries at ease. "Miss Lunette?" Her ears swiveled, moving the cloth that was still over her head, and she turned to Collins, eyes tired and face still melancholy. "Let's have some tea." "And cake!" The two slowly looked at Boon, who just looked back with a grin. "... Cake? Really?" "Yeah! We still got that chocolate cherry cake in t'fridge! Let's eat it b'fore it gets stale!" Before either could respond, the daemon was already on his way to the kitchen, most likely going to take the biggest slab for himself. "I will cut it, Boon, don't you touch that cake," Collins started in, chasing the big goon and leaving Lunette in the main room.

    "..." She could only take deep breaths. Placing a hand to her chest, she could feel her heart ache. Yet, at the same time, it didn't feel as... painful as before. She felt that way the other night, too. Fear delivering her such news, she thought she'd be devastated, and instead... It felt better.

    You're still better off alone.

    Oh, right. That.
    That... was still an issue, wasn't it?

    He's going to be dead.

    It continued. Just to feed, as it always did. Lunette tried to ignore it, her chest aching worse than before now. It was always something... but... she could at least take a breath of ease, letting go. It wouldn't be a fast road to recovery, but... she needed to get better.

    For those two, and her.

    For Alasdair and Sutekh.

    For the two in the kitchen.

    For herself... and for him.

    Yes, it was all she could do for now.
    Baby steps. Baby steps...

    The cat blinked once or twice before looking up. "Oh--yes, I'm coming..." she said, removing the veil from her face. "Better get in here or Boon's going to devour your piece..." The gargoyle held out a hand as she approached, which she took and gave him a soft squeeze. "Thank you." Only nodding in turn, he held the door open for her to enter, and followed shortly after with her into the kitchen.

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