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    Letter of Absence



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    Letter of Absence  Empty Letter of Absence

    Post by Kev on Thu May 04, 2017 9:21 pm

    Time: Noon
    Date: May 1, 0007

    House 225 on Broadband Boulevard was normally a rather active home. Understandably so, with the massive amount of critters that made the place their home. Today, however, was the start of several weeks worth of silence. No lights were on within the home and a peek into the backyard would reveal an empty plot of grass. No dogs to sniff and bark at the intruders, no sheep huddled inside of the shed. Not even Llama was out and about! Curtains were drawn to hide the interior of the home, and every door was locked. It was empty of life, and the only sign that the home was at all occupied was a piece of paper that was taped to the bright red door. Written in a smooth handwriting, tempered by months of training, a message had been left behind.

    Dear trusted friend, curious visitor, or random girl scout,

    Nobody is home! My family and I have temporarily moved back to the cottage in the Heartlands! We will be back in time for fall but until then, there should be nobody occupying this house. The doors are locked, and since we are within City limits, it would be unwise to try and steal anything. I mean, you can try if you want but I guarantee the ISOs will interfere.

    If you are one of my friends and curious about a visit or just want to catch up, you're welcome to visit me at the cottage! You can also find me at the City Noise on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are the mailman and there are any letters or packages, you can leave it here. I will check up on this place frequently! If you are a friend who wants to leave a note, you can do that too! If you are a random girl scout, please leave a number and I'll get back to you on buying some cookies.

    Have a good day and a safe journey!

    Fear, Livewire, and Marvin.

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