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    ...now what? / NOW YOU LISTEN

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    ...now what? / NOW YOU LISTEN

    Post by Bailey and Creamer on Sun May 07, 2017 12:32 pm

    Date: 5/7/0008
    Time: 3:13AM


    Slurrrrr –luuuurp
    . . .
    .  .  .

    Slurrrr- STOP THAT

    Bailey jolted, sending a small splash of coffee over the side of her mug and onto the table. Her hands clenched the mug as her eyes squeezed closed for a moment. He was…horrifying, to look at. Giant black eyes that looked like orbs of tar, a misshapen body with an incredible excess of arms. If she was being honest with herself (and she usually was) then she would tell herself that he looked scary.  He looked about as scary as she remembered he did.

    …didn’t he?

    Two brown eyes opened up again and looked at the demon crouched before her. To spectators, they probably made a strange sight. A relatively normal-looking human woman sitting at a little table outside a café, late at night. She looked a bit shaky, but alright.

    To spectators with a spiritual inclination, the sight might be a little more confusing. Across from her, or, well…more kind of, all around her, were the limbs and elongated torso of a rather horrifying-looking demon. It was golden and brown all over and looked like it had fallen back-first into a campfire. The two limbs on its back that she had never been able to identify as a child were now very clearly…wing-stubs? Wing-Limbs? Whatever. They looked like the wings of a plucked chicken, which really explained the burnt remains of feathers that she could see. He was…massive. She had to angle her head a bit awkwardly if she wanted to see the top of him, but his nearly half-circle posture made it so that she didn’t have to. His legs were…normal, if seeing people with bird legs was normal? They were also huge. Kind of reminded her of a turkey, or a chicken with how the feathers stopped half-way down.  Weird….still terrifying, though.

    She was just there, drinking some coffee, while he sat there and stared at her. Or, well he also yelled at her. He had been doing that a lot tonight. She got the feeling that he usually did it, just…she hadn’t known until a few hours ago.

    ”So.” She wasn’t going to flinch. Brown eyes met a golden eye situated where his mouth SHOULD be and they kept steady. ”So.”  She paused, waiting for the words to come. He watched, limbs rustling restlessly as he stayed perched there. She stared.

    He stared back.

    ”…I don’t know what to do here.” The demon ( Creamer, she told herself, call him Creamer. Creamer isn’t a scary name, it’s a cute name. It’s cute, not scary) pulled back from her in a movement that clearly showed the mish-mash of muscles and tissues beneath his flesh, all tugging together like a rather nasty display of anatomy. She felt a bit queasy.

    That’s hardly surprising, considering what you are. Well that was a bit rude  Bailey squinted and set her cup down more delicately as her brows furrowed together. ”And what am I, so that’s not surprising?” She raised her chin, readying herself for what she thought would be an insulting observation.

    She wasn’t disappointed.

    He HATED this little whelp. Look at it, staring up at him as if they were on EQUAL GROUND. He did not CARE what that monstrosity from before said, THEY WERE NOT EQUAL. He was not bound to this INSIGNIFICANT SMEAR OF CARBON and he WOULD BE FREE OF HER SOON ENOUGH.

    He studiously ignored the constant feedback telling him that he could feel her sensations, that it was more intertwined now than it had been when he first took her as a babe. He did not allow himself to acknowledge that it was true, it was FACT that he and this pathetic creature could be stuck together, that the whore of a priest had ruined their connection so badly that it was a permanent bond now. He would not admit to these things.

    It didn’t matter what that…thing said, he was not bound by her. He just had to figure out a way to destroy her and he would be free.
    Until then, he could do whatever he wanted to her. HE WAS THE ONE IN CONTROL, and she would see it soon.

    The demon reared back somewhat on his legs and brought his arms up to gesture dismissively at her. Well you’re human, aren’t you? Not a particularly bright one at that. He looked down at her and she got the distinct impression that he was grinning. She very decidedly did not look at his mouth to check. No one needed to see that nonsense.

    She wanted to glare, she did. For a moment she had an urge to respond back in kind, telling him that he was just a big dumb bird-brain who was taking up precious real estate in her life. That he had to pay rent, or some other comment about as stupid as that.

    And then she remembered the first thing he did. He yelled at her, he got all up in her face and screamed like…like a toddler, honestly. A toddler with a superiority complex the size of the empire state building. If she played his game she would probably lose. So…

    ”No, I’m not really. I think I’m just smart enough to get by, and that’s good enough for me!


    Bailey kept her smile even as he reared back, looking as though she had just flashed him or something. (She didn’t actually know the typical reaction to being flashed. The only time she had seen another person’s genitals had been at the hospital, and it was just a very confused elderly man walking around with an untied gown. She wasn’t too keen to ever repeat the experience with anyone, ever. Gross.)  He was so grotesque, visually, that she was having a lot of trouble getting any read on his emotions. Did he have emotions? He just seemed to go between screaming, insultedly screaming, petulantly screaming, and quietly screaming. Was screaming an emotion?

    That’s a stupid thought. Don’t think that, this is serious. You’re having a sit-down conversation with a demon that’s been possessing you all of your life. Pull it together, Bailey. Nodding yet again, the coffee cup was set down resolutely (when had she picked it back up?) and let go of it to cross her fingers together. He was still twisting away from her in what she assumed was disgust even though she didn’t really understand what she had done this time. Maybe the smile? She dropped the expression, just to check.

    Oh, look. He stopped. Apparently it was the smile.

    ”So, we’re kinda…stuck together. At least, that’s what that um…Fear, said? I think that was his name.” She nodded to herself even as the demon scoffed, already unimpressed. ”So we need to establish some rules and boundaries. So…what don’t you like?”

    This surprised the demon, if his jerking forward suddenly was any indication. She held her ground even though she very much wanted to move backwards away from his suddenly-very-in-her-face face. What don’t I like? I don’t like YOU.  

    ”Well now you’re just being petulant.”  Creamer (she reminded herself of that silly name, she felt she needed to) reared back as if struck before slamming his hands down on the ground beside her, another set of hands gripping the edges of the table. DO NOT PATRONIZE ME, YOU ARE LESS THAN I, I AM THE GREATER ONE HERE!

    His voice was screeching in her mind, not her ears. It hurt in a way that she hadn’t really been hurt before. Like a migraine mixed with some sort of allergic reaction, she didn’t really know how else to describe it. It hurt more when he was close by and screaming. Unfortunately for her, his preferred positioning for voicing his complaints was right against her head.

    She winced but kept right where she was. She waited until after the slight ringing in her head started to subside and nodded her head slightly. ”Yeah, that’s probably true.” She got the feeling that he was about to get remarkably smug and decided quickly that she was not in the mood to deal with his ego.

    ”But you’re still here, stuck with me, and we’re stuck here together.

    He wanted so badly to kill her. To reach right into her chest and just crush that little pulsating muscle until her fleshy brain stopped working. He wanted to rip out her eyes and take her back, back to when he was at his best, back when her entire world was Hell just to make her mother suffer the stinging pain of being so completely unable to care for her only child, to be hated by that child. Back when things were as they were supposed to be.

    But he couldn’t.

    …what did you have in mind.

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