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    Just How I Feel



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    Just How I Feel

    Post by Lunette on Tue May 09, 2017 7:04 pm

    May 7th | Year 8 | 14:02

    An quiet orchestra of clicks, whirs and humming filled Lunette's ear, leaving her mind in a content state. The ambient noise was soothing and welcomed in her usually silent mornings. It helped block out the sound of birds that sang too loudly, or the sound the raccoons above made as they scampered back to their den. Enjoy it while you can, tiny furry thieves! Her other ear twitched every so often at the louder hums that came from the chassis of the robot next to her, arms wrapped around his thin waist and her cheek rubbing against his metal chest. A hint of blush appeared on her furry cheeks as her eyes lazily opened, slowly glancing up to her bed-mate. The sound of purring came from her throat, mixing with the sound of his light humming as a smile grew across her muzzle. She couldn't help but stare at him, eyes blinking slowly every so often, her hand reaching up and tenderly stroking along his jawline. "Hmm..." Lunette made sure to keep quiet, even if Scaramouch couldn't actually hear her (he could probably replay audio files, that stinker), just out of care and... love.

    What time was it, anyway? Lunette wanted to move, but she felt so comfortable... safe... happy... But, she needed to do things today before opening up. The laundry needed to be collected and done, fresh napkins on all the tables, making sure the plants were watered, starting up some dishes for the evening... Her ears flattened a bit, nose scrunching at the mental list. Sighing with a hint of annoyance, Lunette carefully sat up, scratching her hair, free from the braid she had been keeping it in more often. It made her hair a bit curvier and fluffier looking when it was free, and Lunette enjoyed that. It was sort of proof for how long she had been here... She had never gotten her hair trimmed or cut since arriving here, she realized, but that didn't bother her as she continued to idly play with it, eyes wandering back to Scaramouch, who still laid there. A cord ran from his back along the side of the bed and across the carpet and connected to an electrical socket. It was hard for her to remember about it at first, but... it became easier, the more time they spent together. It would probably soon become second nature, making sure the dear robot was charged and full...

    Her nose scrunched as she smiled, thinking about it. About how much time she had really spent. It wasn't... that much, in hindsight. Maybe not to her... but to him... it probably felt like a year. In reality, it would soon be a month, and the thought of that really struck that fragile spot in the back of her mind.

    You're doing it again.

    The smile faded, and she finally turned away, hopping out of the bed with care and quietly sneaking over to her bathroom door. The door clicked open and closed quietly, and Lunette was alone. Her hands fidgeted with the first button of her night shirt as she went to the mirror, opening it up and taking out her tooth brush. Eyes followed the tile on the floor to a laundry basket nearby, and she made a mental note to take it later, once she had freshened up.


    Adding some black pants to her ensemble and hair up in a tight pony-tail, Lunette exited the bathroom with are, holding the laundry basket under an arm. Before leaving the room, the feline tip-toed back to the bed, and gave the robot a soft kiss upon his cheek. Purring gently, she backed away and exited the room, heading down the stairs as her paws squeaked against the thinly carpeted steps, and was greeted with the sound of music playing...


    Okay, really. What time was it?

    Lunette blinked and glanced around, seeing a few customers already seated--two at the bar, two at a table--and quickly scurried into the kitchen, hiding her basket of laundry. Inside, Boon and Collins were already working, the former grilling and the latter finishing up a salad. "Oh! I'm--I'm so sorry! I didn't... realize the time..." Lunette frowned, ears flattening back as the two just looked at her with their usual expressions; one happy and the other grumpy. "S'okay, Lulu! Ain't no problem~" the daemon grinned, poking a large steak with a giant fork, "did ya have fun?" The feline blinked, a look of guilt still on her face, "I... did! I'm--still sorry I slept in so late..." "It's alright, Lunette. Why would we be mad?" She blinked again, this time a less guilty look and more of a... surprised expression, her head turning to the gargoyle. He merely raised his brows, as if asking her to answer his query. "I--I've been kind of slacking a bit. I don't want you guys to do all the work, you know... I have responsibilities I've got to do, too."

    Collins laughed. A rare expression that caused Lunette to frown, wondering what the heck was so funny about that. "Excuse me," he cleared his throat, still having a small grin across that stony face, snickering ever so quietly. "What's so hilarious? I feel really bad here!" "Yeah, what'chu gigglin' about?" Boon was suddenly beside Lunette, hands on his hips and head tilted, looking at the gargoyle curiously. Collins' own nose scrunched, cheeks pouting as he was put on the spot. "Hng... I just... it's not really something you should worry about. If we were truly unhappy with working, we would've left you a long time ago." The gargoyle glanced to Boon, who held a guilty look. "I mean--we thought about it at first, just 'cause o' Syrus bein' dead 'n all. No one to bind ourselves to work for!" He scratched his furry chin in thought, "not 'cause o' you, though, Lulu! Kinda moreso Fear..." The guy was fine and dandy helping them out, but boy was he spooky. And intimidating. "But we didn't, and bound ourselves to work for you."


    The small laundry basket hit the floor, barely even tilting over as Lunette's face gave way to surprise... and shock. "... You... bound yourselves... to me?" "Not directly, but without someone to guide us or keep us busy, we'd probably succumb to our vices and do something--bad." Collins scrunched his face at Boon, who had an awkward, very uneasy half-smile going on. "Yeah, then yer friends woulda prob'ly had t' kill us... ha ha..." Lunette blinked, then understood what they meant... kind of. "W-well, I'm glad I could do that for you both. You're... really great workers and companions!" "We like working for you, and we're meant to work." "We do have some fun, ya know! Don't like goin' t' the city much, but I'd rather be grillin' and flirtin' with ladies~!" The daemon grinned as his tail wagged happily.

    "Point is, your happiness is our happiness. And ever since that guy who's in your bed right now came along, you've gotten a lot more happy," there he went again, going straight for the jugular, to which Lunette blushed furiously and tail fizzled up. "So, we want you to spend as much time as you want with whoever makes you happy. We're not mad if you don't come back for a few hours or days even... so long as you'd be so kind as to call." This was... weird. Lunette felt weird about this, because Collins was being really supportive and it was very weird. "What he said!" the daemon meekly added before petting Lunette's head tenderly and checking on a steak that was slightly billowing with smoke and was no longer medium well.

    "I... t-thank you... That... means a lot to me, hearing you say that. Honestly..." For once the gargoyle gave her a reassuring smile before picking up the laundry basket and handing it to her. "Don't worry so much. You'll grow grey hairs faster." Ha. Ha. Lunette smirked, trying very hard not to before she accepted the basket. Collins returned to the salads he had to bring out, while Boon was pouting over the steak being too done. "I'll just... save that fer later..." the daemon flicked the well done steak onto a plate. Lunette smiled, fur fluffing gently at the good mood she was in and went to set up the laundry.


    They're just ████ nice ██ you...

    There it was again. Trying to pick.
    Her hand was right there, right at the door knob to her room. Her ears were perked forward, hearing for any hums or clicks of the robot, letting her know if he had left.

    You shouldn't ████ him, that'd be ███████.

    Her hand had retreated to her side, balling him into a fist.

    You don't des████ ███ █████████.

    Teeth gritting and rubbing against each other, Lunette held back a flurry of tears and anger. Instead, she took in a deep breath, and sighed softly, eyes closed as her fist still shook, fist still tight.

    You ████!! ████! ███!?

    A few more deep breaths... and her mind went to something else.

    something better:
    Brush, brush, brush...
    A soft, furry cheek rubbed against the metal cheek of the robot, gunmetal coloration nearly matching with one another, a duet of purring and humming singing together in an (odd sounding) harmony. "What was it about...?" Lunette asked Scaramouch casually, his earlier action hinting to (maybe) deep thought. "Hee hee he...~" the fur tickled against the sensitive metal before Scaramouch cleared his throat, adjusting Lunette as his head rested atop hers. "I dunno, just... us, I guess." The purring never ceased as her ears perked forward and she spoke, bliss in her voice, "Us...? What about us...~?"

    "...Huh? O-Oh, um...!" Rattling, whirring, a whole symphony of electronic noises emitted from the robot as he stammered over his words, each one giving way to his apprehension. "W-Well... I was just thinkin', y'know, if, um...w-we become a t-t-t-t-thing?" Lunette merely blinked, curling herself up slowly in an attempt to look smaller. "... A thing...?" Nose scrunching into a smile, her purring grew deeper, reverberating against his body. "... Hm... That... would be nice... I would think..." blush burned its way through her furry cheeks as she thought aloud, "that'd be lovely..."

    Purring began from her throat again, recalling their lovely evening together... it made her happy, to think about it. It kept blocking the abuse of her sub-conscious, something she had found easier to do of late, and with each day less mentally exhausting than the last, she found herself thinking more clearly, and deeply. Clearly, yes... she smiled softly, remembering something from last night.

    ... Would you give me a bit to think about it?

    Yes, she was going to think about it... it was a delicate thing, something she didn't want to jump right into. It felt so good, and they both seemed quite happy...

    Don't ██ ██.

    Her smile only faltered for a moment. "Hm..." So many times she had lost, so many times she had been hurt or hurt others, it was all too much for her to hold... But what if...

    ███!!! ███!!!

    What if she went ahead and tried again...? Carefully, more considerate... maybe then he won't--

    ███ leave you ██ ███ █████!!

    Basically, Lulu, it means that I'm gonna be happy for you no matter what you decide.

    ███████ ██████ ██████!!! █ █████ ███████ ███  ███!!!


    The hate that spewed and festered went quiet, nary a peep as Lunette's purring became stronger, her smile returning with full force and hands fidgeting with the button on her night dress. Her chest began heating up, fur fluffing ever so slightly as she stood there facing the door, head tilted down. One of her hands left the button and opened the door, finding the robot gone, but a cherry left in his place. Her smile turned into a grin, tiny fangs appearing above her bottom lip.

    "... I want to..."

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