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    My Gift To You



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    My Gift To You

    Post by Lunette on Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:12 am

    June 4th | 14:35 | Year 8

    Wooden sandals made a quiet tack-tack-tack along the sidewalk, the thick wooden heels taking each step gracefully and lightly as if barely touching the ground at all. It was a lovely day; the pollen was minimum, there were few clouds in the sky and the heat wasn't too oppressive. An airy dress of pastels, pinks and purples specifically, was just fine with the feline lady. While modest, it was hard for Lunette not to wear something a little short or revealing, simply for the fact of her thick and plush fur--the winters were simple, but the summers weren't quite as graceful to deal with. Nevertheless, it never deterred her! And this cat was certainly on a mission--a very specific mission--that required her utmost attention.

    While familiar with the more busier places of the city, there were some slummier looking businesses wedged between nicer, more cheery establishments, or those that were hidden behind an alley. This particular business that the cat was looking for had to do with weapons. Not for herself, of course--she was tough enough to punch most people and run away before they could catch her, and she did always carry her father's combat knife, be it on her ankle in a boot or behind her back, above her tail. No, this was a very special weapon. Not really even for use, if the receiver was lucky enough, but it never hurt to be too careful...

    This was a gift.

    A special gift that Lunette had thought about for a few weeks, contemplating and considering if it'd be worth while to invest in. The receiver would certainly not use it every day, nor would they be burdened or encouraged to do so. The answer was, of course, yes. This wasn't to be just another weapon, a tool intricately forged for the sole purpose of causing harm onto others. This was to be a memento, to admire the strength it gave to the wielder, each piece of silver or iron that were bent against their will into a new and attractive shape, and the time and effort it too into creating such a delicate piece of art.

    Such thoughts came from a new-found place deep inside Lunette. It was a hopeful, loving and blissful place she hadn't visited or seen in... actually never. A new admiration for the plain objects around her most individuals would so carelessly glance and think nothing of it. Corny as it may sound, it was now difficult to find herself feeling upset too long, those negative thoughts disappearing as ones of positivity and radiance smothered the hate and anger... and sadness. No, there wasn't really much sadness, if at all. There... wasn't a reason to feel sad.

    The paper gripped in the gunmetal-marked hands was crinkled as her sapphire eyes trailed down an alleyway. It wasn't terribly spooky or scary in any way--just an alley with a few dumpsters and a bike chained near a back door. Or was it the front door? Font of an old English variety were (hastily) painted on the blackened window that read 'Oddities and Weaponry'. Yes, this was the place, confirmed by the crumpled piece of paper in her hand that read the very same. Taking in a deep breath, Lunette gripped the rather old handle of the thick door, tugging it open with ease, while most normal individuals would struggle at first.


    No slam followed the chime of the bell, instead only a faint click as Lunette closed the door carefully. The light of the sun was shut away as well, and it took the feline a moment for her eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness. Once they had, she found herself in a room full of books and jars, a few crystal balls and even some fine (and aged) weaponry on the wall, to which her eyes took focus. The large axe that rested on the wall mount looked brown in hue, jagged and rough. Dried bits of what was most likely blood still painted the edge of the axe as a horned skull sat upon the other end, spikes protruding downwards to the hilt. All in all, it looked very clunky, but for some reason, intriguing!

    "Oohhh... I see you've taken an interest in that axe... a fine choice..."

    A shiver went up the feline's spine as if there was a chill, and quickly twirled around to see who had snuck up on her, looking prepared and ready to punch. The individual in question didn't even flinch as Lunette stopped before any damage could be done, her face flushing in embarrassment, "o-oh... Excuse me... you startled me." Relieved she didn't do something regretable, Lunette's eyes focused on the new person, taking note of their appearance.

    A dark man...? Skin as dark as night, an obvious lack of a nose, and eyes as red as as the crimson lipstick the feline had often worn. His attire was... strange; draped in golds and blues, the creature wore a headdress similar to an Egyptian pharaoh, and had four arms stretching out into large hands and clawed fingers, a noticeable gold ring on his right hand. A toothy grin appeared on his face as he noticed the Anitra looking him up and down, "do you see something else you like?" The cheeky grin betrayed the creature, however, as it became shaky at his own words. "Ha~ I'm kidding of course... My name is Rahsheut. What is it I can do for you, dear lady?" Lunette snickered a little, noting the true awkward nature of the ghostly being and played along. "Well, I do like your smile!" Toothy grins were always a weakness of hers~

    "I'm Lunette, I think I called you a few days ago, asking--" Rahsheut's hands flashed open in an excited manner, those red eyes closing as his grin grew, "oh yes! About the rapier? My wife told me all about the specifics you wanted." Right, Lunette had a feeling she didn't speak to a male earlier in the week. The woman she spoke to had a rather high-pitched voice, and this man... well... not to say that a certain robot's voice isn't pleasant, but... it was quite alluring! And that accent~ But enough swooning.

    "I did... I was told to come by today or tomorrow to check?" The gold-draped spectre turned, leading the feline to a counter where he phased through it, causing Lunette to blink in surprise. It had been a while since she'd seen a ghost... seeing someone phase through a solid object was always jarring. The obsidian claws clutched around a long case, black and zippered up. "I had to special order this--the materials were apparently a rare substance, which is why it took longer to form." Rahsheut gently let the case down onto the counter, unzipping it and removing the rapier in question. It was a shimmering silver, lightly touched with a lavender hue. The blade was sharpened and pointed, the hilt and hand guard draped with amazing detail and intricate design, and the final touch... a lavender ribbon at the pommel's end.

    Those big blue eyes glossed over the rapier, pupils dilating at every detail she found remarkable. "It looks... lovely..." her fingers trailed along the blade carefully, feeling the engravings on the hilt and guard. "Yeah? Good! Since you already paid in advance, you can take it now if it's to your liking, miss Lunette. I also have a box that it will fit into, as you told Olivia this was a gift...?" Olivia must've been the woman she spoke to before, and the odd ghost creature's partner, Lunette figured, eyes still stuck on the rapier. "O-oh yes. It's a gift... I'll take the box, thank you." Rahsheut gave a stern nod before tenderly taking the blade, the other set of hands bringing up a long, light blue box. The rapier went inside, and the box was topped with a silky navy ribbon to offset the lighter blue. "Here you are. If you need anything else custom made or oddities, remember us~!"

    The spectre tilted his head, red eyes blinking and waiting curiously. Lunette paused, trying to think of the right choice of words. "... do you have anything that would keep an evil spirit from touching someone, even if they're... connected?" Taken aback by such an oddly specific request, Rahsheut could only shake his head, "I'm sorry, but we don't get a lot of supernatural requests or items pertaining to the occult--ironically." The ghostly creature grinned, sheepishly rubbing the back of his headdress, "but there are a few shady places in the black market if you must... though I would not suggest a lovely lady as yourself to go alone in that part of the city. Even with the ISOs available." "Really...?" That totally did not sound comforting. "A few years back, there had been an incident there; a large portion of the market had been eradicated, people disappearing in a blink. Quite traumatic..." a claw scratched an obsidian cheek, having heard the incident at the time, wondering if it was ever solved.

    "I'll remember that..." Lunette gave a small smile, "thank you for the warning." "Of course! Is there anything else I can do for you?" The box was taken into her arms, holding it carefully... protectively... and close to her chest. "No, thank you... you have a wonderful evening." Phasing through the counter once more, Rahsheut practically hovered towards the door, opening it up for the feline to exit, the light of the setting sun hitting her eyes. Stepping out, the door closed and Lunette adjusted to the light once more, pupils dilating. The sandals clacked once more against the asphalt, exiting the alley as she looked around, searching for the closest bus stop. Taking a seat at the empty bench, Lunette let out a heavy sigh, hands gripping the box as if an ancient artefact were inside.

    "... Tomorrow," she thought aloud, "tomorrow I'll give it to him..." The bus approached and Lunette stood, hopping into the vehicle and looking at the driver, "hello, does this go to the Moonshine Tavern?" The driver nodded and replied, "third stop! Should be there in twenty minutes!" "Thank you." The middle seat was then taken, the feline pressing herself as close to the window as possible. Perhaps it was childish, but Lunette loved looking out the window of a moving vehicle, watching the people and scenery pass like a quiet slideshow.

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