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    Anjeet's Powers



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    Anjeet's Powers

    Post by Anjeet on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:12 am


    LEVEL 1

    Name: Telekinesis (disarm)
    Description: Among the most basic of Anjeet's Force powers. While she cannot lift particularly heavy objects through telekinesis, smaller objects such as weapons can be easily manipulated this way.
    Specifics: 1d/1c; If HIT, opponent cannot use a weapon during their turn. Three turn cooldown. Currently costs 1 AP (varies with level).

    LEVEL 10

    Name: Healing (self-heal/party member heal)
    Description: Anjeet's healing ability was the first of her powers to ever manifest. It can easily be considered her specialty. Wounds knit and heal in a matter of moments!
    Specifics: Roll one (1) die at Anjeet's level; It can heal herself or a targeted party member. Costs 5 AP with a five turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Force Jump (dodge)
    Description: If Anjeet is on her toes, she can jump clear out of the way of her opponent's attack at lightning speed.
    Specifics: Flip a dodge coin. Costs 10 AP; five turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Deflection (damage reflect)
    Description: Focusing her telekinetic abilities, Anjeet can reflect some of the damage inflicted on her back onto her opponent.
    25% damage is reflected back if the opponent's level is higher than Anjeet's ; user suffers the remaining 75%
    50% damage is reflected back if the opponent's level is lower than or equal to Anjeet's ; user suffers remaining 50%
    Costs 15 AP; three turn cooldown

    LEVEL 40

    Name: Quick Attack (stun)
    Description: Anjeet concentrates and lunges forward at her opponent at an unnatural speed. This attack can prove to be severely painful and even immobilizing if it hits.
    Specifics: Follows stun mechanics. Costs 20 AP; five turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Lightning Strikes (unmissable)
    Description: Anjeet unleashes a storm of fast, hard-hitting, Force-charged punches at her opponent. There aren't many who would be able to escape her.
    Specifics: Roll three (3) die; Anjeet cannot miss. 25 AP, five turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 60

    Name: Absolute Recovery (healing finisher)
    Description: As only a last resort, Anjeet can focus her powers to heal a party member with very severe wounds. There is nothing she can do to help you if you die or suffer a wound that will eventually prove fatal, however. Because Anjeet is better at healing herself than healing others, there is a chance that this will be of little help or none at all. Due to the scale of this power and the short time-span in which it is performed, Anjeet is left completely drained as a result.
    Specifics: Flip four (4) coins -

    0/4, heal fails
    1/4, 25% HP recovered
    2/4, 50% HP recovered
    3/4, 75% HP recovered
    4/4, Full Heal

    Costs ALL of available AP; stamina bar must be filled halfway prior to usage. Cannot revive someone back from the dead.


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    Re: Anjeet's Powers

    Post by Zurg on Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:58 pm

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