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    A Temporary Respite



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    A Temporary Respite

    Post by Lunette on Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:46 pm

    6 AM | August 16th | Year 8

    As long as Lunette could remember, the tavern rarely closed for personal vacations. The only times the place had ever been temporarily shutdown was when the feline had a terrible flu-like illness, but it was quickly fought through, and she was soon back to work. Even here, she never really... closed the place. The only time was when Alasdair needed assistance for those few months... but that wasn't really a "vacation". Wanting to do nothing but faff felt good nowadays, and while the tavern was busy during the summer, it was a good idea to take a small break and enjoy the summer that's left. No harm in that...

    "Oi, how long is this gonna be? Can't be fer too long, Lu!"
    "I know, I know... just a few weeks, three tops. I promise."
    "Three weeks? Yeesh..."

    The feline placed a sign in front of the establishment in the window, pressing her fingers onto the tape to hold it tightly. It read, in bright red text against a black background, 'closed until September 6th'. The gargoyle and daemon that stood on either side of her both read it, and glanced to each other. "That's longer than I expected, but... we should be alright." Lunette turned after sighing, looking the duo over with a tired smile, "yeah? I'd hope so! Are you going to go up to the cabin in the mountains I told you about...?" Collins nodded, adjusting a heavy looking pack on his left shoulder, "yes, we're going to head up there and make sure it's still there... and just relax for a bit." The two wore slightly thicker clothing than before, probably ready for the hike up into the mountains where the temperature was far cooler than down in the city and valleys. "Alright... you two be safe, okay? If you need anything, you've got a key!" "Right-o, Miss Lu~" The daemon hefted a large backpack onto his back, gripping the straps firmly in his large hands, tail swaying as he grinned.

    "Will you be alright?" Lunette tilted her head, sort of taken aback by the question. "... Hm? Of... of course? Why wouldn't I be?" The gargoyle shrugged, adjusting his pack again, "just... if something happens, you'll let us know, right?" An odd request, and it made her feel... uncertain, but the best she could do was nod, "I will," and let it go. If they were expecting something to happen between her and a certain robotic gentleman, then they'd be waiting a long time, she felt. Maybe they were still on guard after what happened  before, or maybe they were worried something or someone else would do something... whatever the case, she would say nothing, and neither would they, other than hoping for the best.

    "Well, I hope you two get there safely and have a wonderful time. You guys work so hard, you deserve a break! I'll see you in a few weeks, okay?" Boon swooped his large furry arms into a hug, the feline chirping in surprise but returning it fondly. The gargoyle just huffed and tipped his hat to her once she was set down, and the two made their way up the road and into the forest. Lunette watched them leave, a small smile on her muzzle that lowly disappeared as did the two monster-men. Blue eyes glanced to the tavern, eyeing it in an almost suspicious manner. Placing a dainty gunmetal hand upon a wooden siding, Lunette let out a soft sigh and patted it in a gentle and loving manner. "I'll be back every so often to check on you... you'll be okay. You're secure, blessed, runed... no one will hurt you." A frown appeared along her face, letting out a tired sigh before walking away, heading to the bus stop to her next destination; the city.

    The Tavern will be closed from August 16th to September 6th. May be extended at any time.
    Boon and Collins will be gone and inaccessible until the tavern reopens.

    Hiatus has been extended to September 26th.

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