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    welcome to the trashbin



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    welcome to the trashbin

    Post by Springtrap on Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:29 am

    AUGUST 30TH | 05:00 | YEAR 8




    Both familiar.

    Hours earlier, a cyan hole in the ceiling of the decrepit building opened and spat out a mess of metal, closing promptly once it had hit the ground. It didn't move for the longest time, as if broken. It certainly looked broken; holes littered the robotic body and parts were missing from its frame. It was lifeless, and remained that way for several hours.

    A light suddenly came on--two to be exact. The glossy optics that looked old and faded still held a bit of light to them as Springtrap came online, the grey eyes looking around slowly. "what" his voice rattled and echoed quietly through out the desolate area, finding no signs of anyone around... and certainly not familiar. This wasn't Fazbear Fright. This wasn't Earth. He had no evidence of the latter, but he could feel it. "where the fuck is this" After a moment of soaking in the scenery, Springtrap rose to his feet, each part of him moaning and scratching with decay and age. "my dramatic entrance has been sullied. this place leaves so much to be desired. it is loathsome. filthy."

    A pause.

    "also it fucking sucks"

    Such a statement was true, after all.

    Joints groaned and metal scraped across the dusty floor, each step closer to a window where the animatronic peered out, squinting at the environment. It wasn't any better; decrepit houses, filthy streets, a dirty fog that seemed to linger along the roads, and several undesirables roaming in ragged clothes, the glow of their cigarettes the only true light source. The flickering and mostly broken streetlamps provided little lighting, but luckily for this robot, his eyes could still see quite well in the dark. "what a shit hole" he exclaimed, glaring at some hoodlums that passed by.

    Yes, this was definitely not familiar. But Springtrap wasn't scared--quite the opposite. He was confident in the surroundings, having little reason to fear the fleshy creatures of varying species. A small spark emitted from a wire that poked out of his chest, head twitching to the right for a brief moment before Springtrap wandered to the entrance, trying to open the door. "my debilitating fear of open spaces must be burned and fueled for my new journey" he stated, glaring at the thick steel door. It was stuck, but that was not a problem. "i am going to kick the fuck out of this door" the robot announced and gave it one good KICK which was enough to bust it down and over a few feet. It startled the teens that weren't far off, turning around and dropping their cigarettes to the pavement.

    "Hey! What the hell??"
    "What in X is that?"
    "I dunno, but it's UGLY!"

    What rude kids. Springtrap was tempted to leave them alone in favor of exploring this newfound place, but they dared to approach, grinning and laughing. "Hey Gram! Lookit this piece of shit!" One of them approached closer, but suddenly jolted back, "HOLY SHIT! Damn! This fool smells AWFUL!" The animatronic rolled his eyes, then gripped a few loose wires and yanked them from his chest, cracking the wires like a whip as they sparked and wriggled as live wires. "fuck off rogues unless you wish to devour my excrement" The teens blinked and glanced to one another, the "leader" putting up his hands and walking backwards. "O-okay we don't want no trouble, bro..." they walked away quickly, mostly from the smell and not wanting to be electrocuted, hurrying to their hovel of a home down the street.

    Springtrap grinned (which was rather permanent) and wrapped the wires around his arm, keeping them ready to chase off anyone else. While it would've been marvelous to rip those children apart, he had far larger things to worry about. Where he was, what had happened, and what his next move would be. His plans were now out the window, but the animatronic wasn't upset. Irritated, but nothing more.


    "it is time"

    "to explore"

    "this trash heap"

    The outer district belonged to the robot for the morning, metal groaning and scratching against the cement with each step, eyes glaring at everything and anything.

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