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    No More Freeloading



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    No More Freeloading

    Post by Wheatley on Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:49 am

    Date: Some point in June, 8th year
    Time: 9:30am

    It was a lovely day out, really. The birds were chirping, the sky was clear and blue, the sun was sunny... The Aperture Science Personality Sphere had really chosen a good morning to leave his cozy little Snuggie nest on the couch. If he'd had the required anatomy, Wheatley would have been filling his lungs with the hot summer air and sighing in self satisfaction of a job well started. As it was, he played the audio clip he had of self satisfied sigh of a job well started, which was just as good, really.

    The morning found him skimming along, more or less following the sidewalk, at an elevation that would put him above head-height for most average sized humans. But, this was not just an arbitrary walk of idle enjoyment, oh no.

    Wheatley was on a mission.

    He was going to get a job.

    It would be nice to think that this decision was born of some kind of internal, personal growth. That a spark of responsibility and emotional maturity was solely responsible for his sudden determination not to live on the couch for the rest of time, mooching blankets and couch space off of Chell. And, it's not entirely untrue to think that.

    But, mostly, it was the talk shows. Whatever Portal Breach's equivalent to Doctor Phil or Oprah was, Wheatley had found it. Or them. They all sort of blended together after awhile, but the most recent episode he'd watched hit a little too close to home. It was about dead-beat boyfriends. Which, all right, he absolutely wasn't, because he absolutely wasn't Chell's boyfriend, but he was a friend, with a male personality - so technically a "boy" - but more importantly of all, he lived with Chell. As did the dead beat boyfriends on the show. Err, live with their respective girlfriends, that is. Obviously they didn't live with Chell. He'd just meant...

    Right. Nevermind. The point was... He realized, he'd been mooching. He hadn't been helping with the rent! (Not that they paid rent, because they lived at the Inn...) He hadn't been helping with the groceries! (Not that he ate anything, or needed much besides more blankets to snuggle into while watching his soaps on the telly.) He'd been a freeloading, deadbeat loser, and that was going to change! He believed in himself! He could change!

    The plan went like this:

    1.) Sneak out while Chell was at work, so she wouldn't know what he was doing (and couldn't talk him out of it or otherwise express her displeasure).

    2.) Find a business with a "Help Wanted" sign.

    3.) ???

    4.) Become a productive member of society and more importantly, a productive member of the household he was a part of. Apartment-hold.... Whatever.

    Step one had been accomplished. Now he was on step two.

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