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    Sun and Snuggles Empty Sun and Snuggles

    Post by Kev on Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:30 pm

    Time: 10 AM
    Date: October 16, 0008

    Aah, breakfast time. The best way to start the day, though not all morning meals were comprised of bacon and pancakes.   Such things were a bit different for Kev. He'd already started his day with a tangy glass of orange juice, so now it was time for sun! Dressed in a pair of boxers and a simple white t-shirt, the alien sat cross-legged in the grass of his backyard, surrounded on all sides by the wooden fence and his house. The blades tickled lightly at the underside of his shins, while the top was exposed to the sunlight. Heat, comfortable... His scales felt cozy, and he could feel a delicious vigor growing within him. A great way to start the day.

    Before Kev could relax completely, a firm barking sounded as a certain bulldog came running over. Little legs carrying him as fast as they could, Percy's claws skid against the grass as he came to a stop! Tilting his wrinkly face upwards, the dog's tongue was coiled around a gray stone. Panting, the dog delicately set his beloved rock on Kev's knee. With a grin on his face, Percy plopped down next to the alien's thigh, snuggling up as he bared his tummy to the sun. The scaly man's eyes crinkled happily. "Aaw, Percy...~" Careful not to disturb the stone upon his knee, he reached over to rub his doggy's quickly warming tum-tum! A snort announced the presence of a large ebony doggy. He peeked over a shoulder to look at the Great Dane, who leaned in to lick Kev's cheek as soon as it was in his view. The alien giggled softly, other arm wrapping around Metus as he positioned his long body around the man's back. Settling down to rest, his head was nestled upon his paws near Kev's other knee. Heat radiated off of the hound's body, helping to warm Kev up even more. As thanks, his fingers scratched between Metus' pointy ears and he whispered tender words to him.

    Penny and Butch were the only dogs unaccounted for, as Kev's large blue eyes swept over the yard. They were likely with Livewire. Otherwise, he could spy the shaggy Biddy keeping stubborn watch over the sheep as they grazed in the shade. She had only taken a break long enough to eat and lap up some water, before resuming her post. Moving to the city meant less potential predators who would try to eat those sheep! The worst they had to worry about was a squirrel, or maybe even a raccoon. A fair trade for less land to munch on, maybe. Biddy still remained by the sheep though, followed closely by a loyal Chester. Good ole Llama stood in the far corner of the yard, chewing cud with his eyes blank as ever. And yet Kev felt as if one of those eyes was looking his way...brr.

    James and Oscar were playing not too far from Kev, the two chasing each other in circles and with playful yips and growls. Tails wagged eagerly, James easily stepping aside and avoiding the small dog with his long legs. The min pin huffed, about to charge again before a chittering distracted the both of them. Their heads swiveled to the large tree in the yard, chocolate brown eyes narrowing onto a squirrel in the branches. With pricked ears, they both ran to the tree and barked up at the intruder, Oscar's woofs more high pitched than James'. The squirrel ignored them to continue chewing his acorn, but that hardly deterred the stubborn dogs! Eventually, the squirrel scurried out of sight, and Oscar seemed pleased. Tired out from his guarding of the yard, he laid himself down for a nap at the base of the tree. James sauntered off to search for a stick, tail perky as ever. Kev watched such an entertaining show with a relaxed look in his eyes, almost tempted to close his eyes...!


    "Gah!" An intangible doggy face popped up out of the grass, startling the alien! Percy jerked, head quirking despite his upside down position to eye the ghostly dog. Metus kept his cool, settling his gaze at the green dog. The puppy yipped, pulling himself out of the ground and wagging his flame-like tail. "Cujo, what were you doing under there?" Cujo hopped in place, barking like an excited puppy before he turned intangible once again and sunk down into the grass once again. It didn't take long for the ghostly dog to reappear, but this time with a squeaky bone toy clenched in his teeth. Squeak, squeak! "Ooh, I see~!" Squinting, he reached over to pet the pup's head lightly. Squinting back and seemingly content with the exchange, Cujo began intangibly digging his way back underground.

    Attention shifted back to Metus and Percy respectively, stroking the both of them. "I guess that's technically cheating. None of you guys can find the toy like that, but that's why I got you guys individual toys! Is that good enough?" The bulldog's nub wriggled, brushing aside blade of grass while the Great Dane's thicker tail thumped against the dirt firmly. He chuckled. "Perfect." Hmm...technically he was set as far as sunlight goes, but perhaps he could stay out here for just a little bit longer... Sandwiched between two doggies like this, he felt absolutely comfortable. Both of the canines seemed to be in agreement.

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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