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    graves and foliage



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    graves and foliage

    Post by Springtrap on Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:50 pm

    October 12th | 18:22 | Year 8

    The building was quiet. The wind shifted through and quietly whispered, barely audible and making nary an impact on anything inside. While it was still dusty and decrepit, there was a room off the side, a few feet from the entrance, where some insects were buzzing around in and out. Bees were the greatest visitors, many coming in and out to pollinate the newly growing flowers and plants that covered the room. It was surprisingly beautiful for such a disastrous looking building, almost like a light shining in the darkness.

    There, in the center with legs crossed as best they could be, Springtrap sat and stared at all around him, his optics slowly moving around and viewing it all. The past two months had been uneventful, and his plans for any form of revenge or lust to kill had, for the moment, subsided with his newfound interest in this garden. But while this was all finished, what was there left to do? The animatronic had indeed killed a trespasser or two--mostly junkies looking to hide out--and used them for fertilizer. Perhaps the reason his flowers grew at such a fast rate. The blood-lust was fading despite that, and now he felt...


    He recalled his time at Fredbear's Family Diner, and the bear himself as his partner, both on stage and singing for ungrateful children as they stuffed their faces with grease and their parents wishing their visit to the establishment would end. There was something he missed, though. Something about all the noise and the children... he didn't miss that. He missed... his friend. Fredbear. But he wasn't really his 'friend', was he? The rabbot had spoken to him in such little regard, like a bully or a larger brother that picked on the weaker sibling. So, what about it did he miss exactly?

    Maybe it was loneliness.

    Was he lonely?

    He was used to being alone, though.
    He had been left to rot in a backroom for decades. He spoke only to himself until he finally shutdown completely, and upon revival, he still was alone. Alone and in a quiet, decrepit place.

    Just like now.

    Those dull grey eyes shifted from the window down to a large mantis that found its way onto his leg, experimentally touching and searching inside his rotted holes until it found the exposed endoskeleton, touching whatever wires were left. Instead of killing it, or torturing it, or doing anything at all, Springtrap only watched. Such a strange little thing; eyes on either side of its head, large sickle-like arms and wings folded along its back neatly until flight. Springtrap did not care for the people around him, but insects and creatures that scurried inside weren't in any danger of the robot destroying them.

    In fact, a week ago, a stray dog had ran inside, seeking shelter from a rainstorm. It was scraggly and thin, dirty and matted, and seemed to cower in a corner once it had notice the animatronic. Springtrap found the dog pathetic, but did little else until it began whimpering and curling up. It must've been starving, judging from its appearance and desperate noises. A thought crossed the bot's mind, and he went into a small closet were a freshly killed individual had been stored. This person was probably in their mid 40's, and had marks along their arms and legs and even between the toes from substance abuse. Their suffering was ended once they had foolishly entered the area and attempted to hit Springtrap in the head with a brick.

    Either way, their flesh was still "good" enough, and taking off a limb, he threw it near the dog. It hesitated, but eventually began eating it. A few hours after the meal, it approached Springtrap, tilting its head curiously, as the rabbot stared back, tilting also. The two locked eyes for a minute before the dog left, and he had never seen it since. In retrospect, it probably wasn't the best idea to give the animal human flesh for consumption as it would attack humans and aliens and monsters of any kind for more food. Whatever happened would happen, however, and he felt it was... a good thing, to have fed it. It seemed appreciative of it, at least.

    The point was, he didn't seem to mind the company, however brief. Maybe he was lonely.

    But he was not good at conversing with others. The feeling to choke them or silence their idiocy burned in his very frame, though he didn't know why. Years of isolation? Dealing with humans and their spawn, screaming and laughing at him, making him filthy by throwing food? People entering his body and moving him around without permission? It all added up after some time... whatever it was, Springtrap knew that he felt isolation too long. Perhaps it would be ideal to seek out others, and learn to curb this murderous intent deep within him...

    "aint nobody got time for that" he stated, optics squinting. "i must plan. without a plan i am set for failure"

    What this plan was, he had no clue. But it would come to light eventually.

    Until then, the flowers and insects and other creatures that sought shelter from the citizens around them were welcome in his hovel.

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