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    A Meal to be Thankful For

    Kyoko Sakura
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    A Meal to be Thankful For Empty A Meal to be Thankful For

    Post by Kyoko Sakura on 12/1/2017, 18:11

    Time: 1 PM
    Date: November 23, 0008

    Another year had passed Kyoko by, and with it came another Thanksgiving! Unlike last year, the redhead actually had some plans with a friend! The past year had seen her getting closer with a certain femme. In her, the magical girl could recognize some certain traumas that weighed heavily on Livewire's mind. Once that connection had been established, she found it easy to talk and hang out with the femme which meant she earned a little Thanksgiving visit. The thought drew a smile on the teen's face as she marched her way down the sidewalk leading out to the Outer District. As much as she was looking forward to seeing her newly human friend, there were some other people who she had to visit. It was an unofficial tradition.

    Wicker crackled lightly by her side, Kyoko's arms swinging as she carried a large picnic basket. The bags from last year had been rather messy and unorganized. This was a bit cleaner, and she liked the basket! Humming under her breath, the teenager continued past sullied alleys and darkly lit shops. The environment was dangerous, yet she spared no thought to it as her red ponytail bobbed behind her back. Sneakers clapped against cement as candy apple eyes searched out a cleaner sort of alley. Something out of the way and suitable to eat in! "Aha..." There we go. Just in time as the moment her gaze locked onto the cleanest alley she'd seen so far, her stomach grumbled like a drum. With a 'pat-pat-pat', Kyoko took her basket over to the spot and set it down eagerly, sinking down to the cement on her knees.


    Sitting at the very top of the basket was a folded red blanket. With a quick wave into the air, she unfolded it onto the concrete and plopped down, the basket resting in the very center of the cloth. The absence of the blanket allowed a steam to rise from the basket, eliciting another grumble from Kyoko's stomach. And not just her! From the corner of her eyes she could spy a few eyes looking her way. For now she ignored them, focusing on the basket to pull out containers. A rotisserie chicken, fresh from the deli and seasoned with lemon pepper. Fresh steam rolled out of the plastic slits, ooh it smelled delicious! Licking her lips eagerly, she began to pull out the rest of the dishes a little faster. Creamy mashed potatoes, and a smooth gravy. Corn and green beans, little butter containers and a container of yeast rolls. A bottle of cranberry juice and a little bowl of rice that she'd made specifically for herself!

    As far as Thanksgiving meals go, it wasn't perfect but it would work! Paper plates, plastic utensils and cups were spread out across the blanket, but before she could grab herself a plate a sudden gust of wind sent the plates flying! "Ah-! Shit!" Kyoko reached out to snag them before they could tumble down the street, only for a far larger and gruffer hand to suddenly snatch them up!

    "Whoa there! Nearly lost your goods there." The man sat down at the other end of the blanket and held the plates out to the teenager, an uneven little grin stretching across his mouth. "Here you are, miss." A black knit cap sat snugly upon his head, face scruffy. He was obviously homeless, with smudges of dirt across his face and clothing, but he didn't look as skinny as he did this time last year.

    Accepting the plates, Kyoko gave the man a confident grin. "Thanks Jimbo! You ready for some food?" Finger pried up two plates, one of them settling across her own lap and the other forced into Jimbo's hands. "I got pretty much everything I had last year! If it's not broke, don't fix it, right?" Kyoko's hands worked quick, already setting down a flaky roll and a chicken leg upon each of their plates.

    Jimbo chuckled to himself at the younger girl's energy, picking up a plastic knife to slowly butter up his roll. "I'm surprised you came back, miss. Surely you have better things to do?" It was just a bit strange to him, and he couldn't ignore how wrong it felt to see such a young girl walking around such a scummy place alone. Ol' Jimbo was just a vagabond with a bad habit, but not everybody was so simple.

    "I have plans, sure, but this was important to me." Kyoko shrugged, canines tearing apart chicken that seemed to fall right off the bone! Jimbo seemed to accept that for an answer, chewing on his roll delicately. Once every crumb had been eaten, he scooped himself some mashed potatoes just as Kyoko was helping herself to the rice. Watching the teenager eat like somebody starved out of the corner of his eye, Jimbo chuckled lightly.

    "I guess you'll be here next year, too?"

    "Damn straight, Jimbo!"

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