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    Like a Voice

    Post by Scaramouche on Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:17 pm

    Time: 08:30:00
    Date: 12.03.08

    Tok! Tok! Tok!

    Last night had been... easier. The day before less so. He paid little mind, however.

    Grass and dirt shoveled away nicely as Scaramouch toiled throughout the early morning, the android having left his companion's side at the brink of dawn. He had of course fixed a lovely breakfast for her, as was customary, and made certain the heater stood vigil against winter's biting chill. Fur provided excellent insulation but it was hardly foolproof.

    Tok! Tok! THUNK!

    Ah, stone. Stone and roots, from the looks of it. "Hm... no. No, that'll have to go," he murmured quietly. A gentle sigh escaped the robot's throat as Scaramouche looked to the daunting task before him. "...As will all of this." It was probably silly of him - very silly of him, in fact - to labor so extensively during winter. The air was frigid, frost hardened the earth, and his servos risked the increased likelihood of seizing. His only tool for the time being was also a dingy little shovel, rust marring its step and collar. Never mind that it was a tad dull at the blade. Still he worked, though. Still the android cut into wild brush and strained his delicate frame beyond its recommended usage. Pain, futility, drudgery... If he were a lesser machine, Scaramouche would have laughed at such needless work and heckled the fool who so doggedly slaved.

    "...I hear my doubts and fears get louder when I'm there for too long. Like a voice with white, hot words burning the back of my mind."

    But he was not a lesser machine, and he did not laugh, heckle, or discard his obligations with a flippant air. He worked and he worked and he worked. He worked because it mattered. He worked because it felt right. And, above all, he worked to see her smile - to see her mind finally be at peace. This and this alone fueled Scaramouche's aging joints, the android thinking of little else.


    "Back out here, I see."

    For the first time in hours, Scaramouche looked up from the dreary browns and rested his optics on speckled stone. It was a welcomed reprieve. "...Oh hey, babe. Yeah, I'm here again. What d'ya need? Somethin' the matter?" It was habit to inquire.

    Collins shook his head lightly. "Not at the moment," he answered. Pale eyes briefly flitted to the robot's shovel. "You know, landscaping is much easier when it isn't winter." Eh... Scaramouche halfheartedly shrugged, "So sue me. Ain't no rule about bein' stupidly determined, is there? 'Sides, I gotta do this before the new year. The flowers and trellises can always be added later." He stepped on the shovel's blade with the bottom of his heel, firmly as if to make a pointed statement, and hauled a generous amount of dead foliage off to the side. Hearing the earth crunch was beyond satisfying.

    Stony wings idly twitched.

    "Ah, so a gift," Collins observed. "I suppose you are doing this for Lunette, then?"

    Tok! Tok! Tok!

    "No, I'm doin' this for Boon," grunted the robot. Scaramouche tossed a clump of weeds and eyed the gargoyle with mild annoyance. "Look, if you came out here to jeer at my lovey-dovey ways - "

    "Actually, I came out to express my gratitude."


    Silence engulfed the two, neither knowing what to say or how. Collins was the first to steal the moment. "She'll appreciate this," he continued, readjusting his goggles with a claw. "Gardening has always been something Lunette fancies. It'll keep her mind off things; demons are notorious for their vices. I'm sure you already knew this, however." The android slowly nodded. "Y... Yeah, I did, babe. Boon told me." A sniff left Collin's hardened nostrils. "I'm sure he did," he replied evenly. Another long, awkward pause transpired between them. "Anyway, I will leave you to your work. If you need assistance, know that Boon and I are ready. Good day to you, boss." And just as quickly as Collins had appeared, the gargoyle was already off to the tavern, no doubt eager to complete his duties. But, before he could disappear completely...

    "Hey, wait...!" Scaramouche called after him. "D... D'ya know anyone who's skilled at enchantments?"

    The request struck a curious note in the gargoyle's stony breast. He readjusted his goggles a second time, tail flicking. "A rather odd question, coming from you..." Collins muttered. He didn't stew on things for long. "If you seek professional enchantments, find the Guardian and his undead accomplice. They'll assuredly have what you require. Now, will that be all?"

    O-Oh, the Guardian and his undead accomplice? That was going to be... awkward. Maybe even contentious. Nevertheless, Scaramouche nodded and gave his thanks, freeing the gargoyle to finish the morning's responsibilities. "Yeah, that'll be all, babe. Appreciate the help."


    Once again, the android was alone. Alone with his shovel and the seemingly endless chore nagging at his mind. "The Guardian and his undead accomplice..." he repeated softly. Perhaps... Perhaps later today he'd make a visit. Until then, however, there was work to be done. Always was there work to be done. Scaramouche tightened his hold around the shovel's wooden shaft and fixated on a particularly tenacious root. Always...

    Tok! Tok! Tok!

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