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    woe to lonely wanderer



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    woe to lonely wanderer

    Post by Springtrap on Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:56 pm

    December 3rd | Dusk | Year 8
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    The warehouse began filling with snow as the months turned colder, the holes in the roof allowing the white substance to creep in and cover certain areas. It was harder to keep the plants that hid themselves in a small room alive as they slowly withered and turned brown. The vines, the flowers, the lush foliage that once graced this room with life were now recoiling from the cold and lack of true sunlight. Power wasn't an option; the place's electrical sockets and wiring were far too gone, as was the ability to block the cold from bothering the odd animatronic's newfound interest. Seeing his work wither and despair in the cold... it was somewhat poetic, and also ironic. Withering in a dark, lonely room... far away from people...

    "no" he said abruptly. Such thoughts were tossed aside, ignored, and his grey eyes locked to the dying greenery. There wasn't much he could do, but... they would grow back in the spring. This, he knew. It was just a long wait he didn't wish to endure. What else was there to do while the hobby of gardening was not an option? "i need" he stated, "a new plan" and wandered out of the room, closing the door tightly and out into the broken warehouse. A ragged, thick cloak covered his body, a makeshift hood hung from his shoulders as Springtrap looked upwards and around for anything to catch his interest.

    Maybe it was time to wander the city instead of wallowing in the slums, where it appeared was the unsavory area. Why people even bothered to be here when jobs were abundant as was space, it was lost to Springtrap. Perhaps people who's addictions didn't allow them to turn around, to change for the better, and kept them down and in these ragged areas where they could get their fix without worry of the law. This was true to a degree. Before he could continue this line of thought, it dissipated, and soon, he was empty once more.

    No thoughts, no words, nothing.

    Staring at the falling snow from the cracks and holes in the ceilings, the animatronic stayed still and quiet for some time before he turned his head with a creaking swivel. "i will find - something else - to do" Springtrap said with a hint of determination in his voice. The snow beneath his feet crunched, dampness touching the long dead wiring that was exposed, not bothering him. He could not feel the cold, and he could not feel his exposed wires. It was a strange and odd phenomenon, but who was he to question it? It wasn't a bother to him.

    The hood to his makeshift cloak was brought up, ears still poking out as the ragged cloth covered most of this face and body, only feet and ears visible. It was time to wander this city, and see what it had to offer him.

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