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    Christmas With Two Fish and a Cat



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    Christmas With Two Fish and a Cat

    Post by Minion on Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:04 am

    Time: 5 PM
    Date: Christmas Day, Year 0008

    "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride, on a one-horse open sleigh! Hey!~" Room 344 of the Stock pot Inn was alive with happy singing on this wonderful Christmas day! In the corner of the living room, Minion had set up a plastic tree that was decorated with colorful lights and ornaments. One of the ornaments stood out most, as it wasn't a round ball with glittery patterns. Instead, it depicted a cat in a stocking! A cat that seemed to resemble a certain purring puss that was lounging on the couch in a loaf! The hairless cat wore a bright red sweater with white trim, handmade by her fishy owner! Cleo had already been given her Christmas dinner, taking no time at all to gobble it all up! Cooked salmon, mashed carrots, and even a bit of pumpkin! Goldy the goldfish had a decidedly less interesting dinner, but she still swam in her bowl with all the vapid pleasure of a well-loved fish.

    Minion was finishing up the last of the dishes, he was a stickler for cleanliness and letting everything sit felt wrong! The alien fish continued to hum to himself as the last plate was stacked in the rack to dry, and he began to pry off the yellow gloves that were pulled over his mechanical arms. "Jingle bells, jingle bells...~" WHAP! The rubber slapped loudly as he pulled it off, and Cleo's ears pinned back at the noise. A towel was grabbed in a robotic fist as he made his way back to the living room to greet his pets, idly rubbing his hands dry. "Did you two enjoy your Christmas dinners?" He smiled at them toothily, earning a slow blink from Cleo and a bubble or two from Goldy. He knew that they didn't exactly 'talk back' to him, but it was a habit by this point! It hadn't been the busiest Christmas he'd ever had, but it felt joyful in its simplicity. Mechanical bits whirred and clicked as he strode over to the tree to behold the presents underneath. The morning had been spent opening the gifts he'd given to his pets, as well as a gift or two for himself, but these gifts from a certain couple were to be opened now! Minion had wanted to set aside a private moment to open them up, still a bit surprised that he'd gotten something!

    "No more waiting around, huh? Let's see what our friends have given us!" He reached for one of the smaller gifts, slipping a digit between the folds of the paper and slicing through the tape. Minion unwrapped it as gently as possible to avoid tearing through the paper, and gasped as he marveled at the contents. It was a spaceship shaped house for Goldy! Not a fancy one, of course, and certainly not overly complicated. No, the spaceship design resembled that of the older Sci-Fi movies! There were holes for Goldy to swim in and out of to her heart's content! Minion held it out toward the bowl for the other fish to see. "They gave you a little house! Isn't that cute? I bet you'll love it!" He set it upon the coffee table next to the fish's bowl, who began to eat up a bit of leftover flakes from dinner that were still bobbing in the water. Her gratitude was beyond words.

    Next up was a fairly slimmer gift, that gave beneath his fingers easily. The true markings of a fabric present! Minion's smile quirked as he carefully unwrapped this present. Once or twice he managed to nick the paper and give it a small rip, but it otherwise came out in one piece! He held the gift with both hands, marveling the stitches and design! A sweater, no doubt handmade from Zurg's own hands! The tip of a finger rubbed against a fishy skeleton design with an awkward chuckle. It was truly lovely. "You're earning yourself a nice collection of sweaters! You're going to be the envy of kitties everywhere at this rate. Maybe that makes you the cat's meow?~" The fish guffawed at his joke, earning a flat gaze from the sphinx. Ah, she had no sense of humor! "C'mere, let's make sure this fits! Psst psst psst!" Metal digits wriggled, and after a moment, Cleo came closer with a curious Meow! Tugging the current sweater up and over the cat's catlike ears, he folded the red sweater and set it aside. Slipping the new one over her head, he easily pulled each paw through the holes and smoothed out any wrinkles. "Aaw...don't you look so sweet?" The paw prints looked so fitting on her! The cat nudged her head against Minion's hand and soaked up attention from him with pleased rumbles sounding from her chest.

    Once she had gotten her fill, the cat trotted back to the couch and curled up into a little ball to nap, claws kneading lightly at the cushions. The alien turned his attention to the last two gifts, picking the square one to unwrap next! It was firm, hard to the touch. A book of some kind? He gave it a curious shake before delicately unwrapping the paper to reveal...a book! Okay that was an easy guess. But the contents were surprising! "A recipe book for cats!" Minion sneaked a quick glance at the napping cat and smiled to himself. He had admittedly been using recipes from the internet all this time! He never thought to look for a cookbook, but now he had one! Oh, somebody was gonna start being a real pampered puss! Setting it aside on the table, the fish turned his attention to the very last gift! Certainly not least, either! He took his sweet time, prying up clear tape and unfolding paper to finally see what this gift could be...!

    A gasp sounded, before he delicately lifted the gift with both of his metal hands. A darling sunhat made of straw, with a pastel lavender ribbon bound around it! Due to his...certain circumstances, Minion did not often get hats like this! Most hats would stretch uncomfortably over the glass of his dome, but the sunhat was broad in shape! Lifting it up, the alien handled the hat tenderly as he lowered it upon his glass. "...!" It fit! He stood, turned in a circle and found that it did not fall or waver! Oh, splendid! He smiled toothily, bobbing gaily within his tank! "I feel so pretty! So...so distinguished!" Every tendril and fin wriggled in a smooth wave with his happy laughter. This may be his favorite Christmas gift yet!

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