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    Rooftop Gazing

    Ariana Lee
    Ariana Lee
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    Rooftop Gazing

    Post by Ariana Lee on Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:41 am

    Time: 7:34 PM
    Date: January 26, 0008

    Winter always seemed to settle with a certain sort of heaviness. The chill in the air was oppressive, like a thick comforter one had to wrestle to be free of. True salvation could only be found indoors, as even the thick layering Ariana was dressed in didn't seem to help. A thick navy blue parka, a matching sweater, and a baggy pair of pajama pants with long johns underneath. Boy, she hoped nobody realized she was wearing pajamas...! The young woman had managed to duck upstairs to the little area on top of the Inn without being detected by anybody. Not that she was up to anything... The werewolf was just socially awkward. And after a day of working the customer service job, she desperately needed a moment to decompress alone. Up here on the rooftop felt like a proper place to go!

    A shame that the gardens weren't quite up to their usual beauty. But, that was wintertime. Come spring or summer, and these plants would again flourish! For now? There was only white snow as far as the eye could see. It crunched beneath her boots as Ariana made her way to a set of tables. Her breath was frosty, puffing outward with every exhale as the young woman used the brunt of her hand to swipe away the dusting of snow. Once cleared, she slide into the chair and drew the parka around herself snugly. Above, stars twinkled down, almost reflected by the lights of the city around her. Below, the sounds of the city continued on. Idle conversations and the gentle thrum of engines scooting on by. She allowed the sound to envelop her, much like the cold itself, and gradually began to relax. It wasn't incessant, like in the A&W. Nobody was in her ear, and she didn't have to parse the words of a customer over the sounds of food frying in the back. This was calm. This was peace. "Aah..."

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