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    Someone Dies at the End

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    Someone Dies at the End

    Post by Universal NPC on Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:59 pm

    January 28th, 5:05PM

    I just knew it. I knew that it was too good to be true. Earth got destroyed, I was sent to a brand-spanking new universe and I didn't have to deal with it all anymore. No more ghosts, no more otherworldly heathen gods, no more John. But here I am. Standing next to him. Why do I allow this all to happen each and every time? It's like I'm some sort of shit brained junky for the paranormal shit show. Yes, shit was required twice in that sentence, leave me alone.

    Hi. My name's Dave. Dave Wong. I'm an unassuming, not so well dressed version of young Patrick Swayzee. The guy standing next to me in the mouth of this weird alley behind the abandoned thrift store? John. John Cheese. Yes. That's his name. Just... Just roll with the flow of the weird. It got me here, so that's... not really a consolation is it? John, anyways, looks like a shaggy haired Ashton Kutcher, and talks quite like his character Kelso in That 70's show. Damn that's like, way too many references for anyone to get in a multiverse crash. Fuck, someone will get my joke.

    When he showed up at my door three days ago, I almost shot him on sight. Thought it was my mind getting the better of me. Living in the Outer District just seemed like the way to stay down low. Also, street life wasn't so bad. John brought with him the same nightmare he normally does. But this time? This time the tape is set on rewind. Good thing we know a thing or two.

    I look up at the half decrepit sign of "Bargain Grabs". This place has two floors, like a shopping mall version of Goodwill. John just got off the phone with... himself. That's not odd for us, I promise. I look down the alley nervously, trying my best not to just bolt. I know I shouldn't. Whatever morals and decency left in me is what's keeping me here. We really don't want the Sauce on the streets any more than a Catholic mother wants to see condoms in her son's wallet. I drop my hand down to the chest holster, thumbing the unlatched Colt .44 pistol in its normal place. I brought a silencer. John brought an M-16, a duffel bag full of anti-demon bullshit he thinks will work, and a boom box. Let's try and not let the PTSD take over, Dave. You got this.

    "You don't even know how to fire that thing, dickhole. You're going to pop your shoulder out of socket.
    And I will laugh. Hard."
    I astutely surmise. Luckily I got fresh-post-sauce John to show up at my door. So he's at least enthusiastic

    "Pfft! Sure. Whatever. You'll be happy I brought it all." John looks the same way I've been looking. He's waiting on them. The other two that Future John told us about. Hopefully Future John is right and not some messed up version of John messing with us. The Soy Sauce didn't go down easily this time, so I'm definitely tripping all manner of balls. It's like when you know it's going to happen, it's worse. Reverse band-aid theory.

    I turn my head to the side, peeking another look at the front of the building. Yep. It's still happening.

    Hundreds upon thousands of Wig monsters. Flowing like scarabs in a bad mummy movie out the revolving door of the Bargain Grab. I sigh.

    How. HOW do I get stuck with this. TWICE.


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    Re: Someone Dies at the End

    Post by Nessa on Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:37 pm

    What time Nessa was using to prepare, she was breaking down the situation as well. Her mind races, each little movement as the Immortal and android entered the rim of the outer district merited her quick gaze to snap to the side, which slowed her preparing. Around her, the Piper's dark aura compiles, condensing into the armor she crafts on her own. Her steps are quick and lithe, making no sound as she leads forward ahead of Scaramouche. A sign of trust to a fellow assassin, showing one's back. Something tells her she'll need that trust. Scaramouche isn't particularly having it, and neither is she. Her own plans were ruined for the day as well. Nessa takes a moment to pull out her phone and send a simple text to Livewire. She nods to herself, that should be good enough for now.

    Sticking to the back alleys, she speaks up.

    "Scaramouche, I'm truly sorry you got caught up in this. Though, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm glad for the company." Her voice rings with sincerity. Despite his boisterous, obnoxious hate for her; she enjoys his presence. Maybe due to like professions? Like minded thinking? She shrugs it away. Maybe.

    "In any case, my vote is for interrogation under duress for these... contacts I have. It seemed like there was more than one." back to business, babe. "I could have sworn I heard your voice on the other end as well. I'm almost certain. So that makes me... uncomfortable." she walks at a quicker pace, she knows she's getting close, there's hardly a place in the outer district she doesn't have eyes. She puts up her hood and turns a corner, quickly backing out and flattening her side to the mouth of the alleyway.

    "Those things are out there." She says through clenched teeth, her whispered voice hissing with agitation.

    It takes her by surprise. There are four of them and they are crawling up the emergency exit of an old parking garage. Thinking on it, they're only five blocks away from their destination. If the wig monsters have a perimeter of sorts, great care might be needed. All implied to the other assassin via:

    "Being unseen might be difficult." She looks to the android for any confirmation. She's definitely used to this. Being watched. Being followed. She's pretty sure they're being followed.

    They are being followed.


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    Re: Someone Dies at the End

    Post by Scaramouche on Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:05 pm

    For a giant 8' tall robot wearing 5" heels and rocking them, Scaramouche was exceptionally light on his feet. One could say he was as quiet as a rat.

    "Scaramouche, I'm truly sorry you got caught up in this. Though, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm glad for the company."

    Optics focused on the other piper's exposed back, perhaps to recognize Nessa's sincerity or to establish possible vulnerabilities in her otherworldly armor. Neither would resolve their shared predicament and thus the android's hand stayed. "So long as we wrap this up before dinner," he muttered evenly. This was, after all, an affair of convenience. Now then, to the nitty-gritty.

    As expected of a sordid character, Nessa proposed interrogation. They could get in, beat up a few meatbags, and get out. It would be quick. It would be clean. It would be easy. Too easy, and that was the kicker. Scaramouche was seasoned enough to know when something was too good to be true.

    "So, ya heard it too," the android remarked. His voice, that is. His voice on the other line despite Scaramouche having stood before the woman. He curtailed a sassy thought. "Please let it be a Chinese knockoff and not time travel..." It's how Scaramouche died in the first place. Alas, the smoldering pain in his gut was betting good money on the latter. "Too soon for a judgement call, babe. We need a lil' preparation before givin' 'em the shaft." And by that, the robot meant every assassin's friend: good ole reconnaissance. "I vote we gather as much intel as we can regardin' this place and our mysterious buddies. I mean, hey... if they knew your number and when to call, I think we're the ones playin' Catch Up." Which meant their mark(s) may or may not be expecting the pipers' first inclination.


    Scaramouche conveyed little alarm at Nessa's observation. He merely listened and kept a hand resting on the hilt of his dagger, sensors collecting every bit of stimuli afforded to them. Four ugly-buglies, yes. Four of them skittering about near the emergency exit of a parking garage. They certainly weren't alone. Stealth had thus become the name of the game. Not one of the robot's favorites, but... "Our destination is five blocks from here. That's a lot of concrete to cover." And plenty of ugly-buglies to encounter, or worse. Algorithms worked furiously in determining feasible alternatives. "If ya don't mind gettin' dirty, I suggest the sewers. It's dark... out of the way... masks our smell... Y'know, right up your alley." A downright loathsome suggestion, as Scaramouche wasn't a fan of mucking up his heels, but a job was a job. "And if that ain't your cup of tea for some asinine reason, then we can always vault across the rooftops. Either way, it's stupid to walk around in broad daylight with these critters scamperin' about." And yes, they were being followed. Absolutely. But by what or whom, Scaramouche didn't have the luxury of knowing.

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    Re: Someone Dies at the End

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