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    For The Good Of It All

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    For The Good Of It All

    Post by Universal NPC on Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:25 am

    FEBRUARY 11th - SATURDAY | 03:55 | YEAR 8

    To regulars, the tavern being near empty would be an odd sight.

    The bar had been ripped out, shelving behind it removed and dismantled, chairs and tables that littered either side of the main floor gone, and most windows covered by thick plastic and locked shut. The downstairs became more open through a small stairwell, banister recently added and buffed out to be smooth to the touch, where it lead to a bar to the right, shelves built in and slowly stocked with various liquors, alcohols and other ingredients for such things. If one looked straight from the stairs, they'd see a stage, where lights hung around and were ready to shine on whatever entertainment would play there.

    Stools lined the bar, and sitting on one near the edge, closest to the stage, the large purple daemon sat with a thick bottle of whiskey in one hand and as the other cupped his chin, holding his head up. Bandages were wrapped around his hands and fingers, indicating constant use and abuse, no doubt from the work he and his friend had been doing for the past few weeks. Collins was upstairs, sweeping up any debris missed from their earlier clean up. Every so often, he'd peer through a hole in the thick plastic that protected the windows from elements and debris, the outside white and clear with snow. The gargoyle acted as if he were expecting a visitor, but in reality, it was just a common security measure he took to, constantly looking for any potential burglars or theives that were stupid enough to try and enter the establishment.

    Boon took a long swig of the whiskey in hand, bottle lazily held to his lips as the last drop entered his mouth. Once gone, his tongue licked the rim of the bottle before it was pushed aside and down the bar to be thrown away later. The floor creaked as his monstrous frame stood, boots stomping along and up the stairs. Scratching his furry face, Boon blinked and focused on his other half, who was peering out the window. "See anybody?" he inquired, to which Collins merely shook his head and went back to sweeping. Claws scratched and brushed the dense fur along his jawline, eyes moving from the gargoyle to the empty area that laid before them, and released a tiny sigh. "S'weird seein' this place so empty. But, it'll look fine once things are set back up." "Mm..." was Collins' response.

    A brief flash of light abrupted from the fireplace behind the daemon, causing him to jump a little as his fur bristled, tempted to punch the wall out of habit. Teeth were barred and clenched, but his stature quickly returned to normal as he saw nothing, and seeing something witin the fireplace. It looked like a note.

    "...?" Turning his head to the other, Boon gave a slightly confused expression and mumbled softly, "ey, somethin'... somethin' popped in the fireplace?" He sounded just as confused as he looked, and Collins lazily eyed him back, "what? What's wrong?" Again, Boon gestured to the fireplace, and the gargoyle stepped over and poked at the note that appeared with the tip of the broom he held. "... Oh." Realization came over his face, and the broom dropped to the floor with a clatter as he swiftly nabbed the parchment, brushing off any dust and ash that soiled it.

    "What is it?" Boon asked, leaning over Collins as his tail flicked with a mixture of curiosity and excitement. "It's a response," the gargoyle paused, "from Veskur."

    That pointed tail immediately stopped flicking, instead curling around his thick leg as a frown formed on his face. "Er... s... s'good thing, right? Means he ain't dead, at least?" Collins grimaced briefly before opening the note that was addressed to Lunette, written on the front in an unknown font. "T-this ain't for us to re--" "Hush." Boon's frown soon turned into a pout at being dismissed, but Collins furtively began reading the note, face as stoic and emotionless as it could be. The daemon refused to read it, feeling bad about something that wasn't for them to know, probably, and looked more to his own claws to pass the time.


    As much as "what" wanted to escape his lips, the daemon remained silent at Collins' noise.

    The note was then folded, placed back into the envelope and placed inside the gargoyle's coat. "H-hey, yer gonna give that to Lulu, right?" "No, of course not." Boon blinked a few times, a stupified expression stuck on his mug. "Why th' hell not?" Instead of responding, Collins left the daemon's side and went to the kitchen, where he was followed, Boon obviously not pleased with this. In a drawer, a piece of paper was retrieved, a long with a pen, and the gargoyle began writing. Each word written was in Retian, but not only that, his writing was slow, yet deliberate. Each word had to be chosen carefully, hinted by his furrowed brow and focus on the paper rather than the unhappy daemon that grumbled beneath his breath.

    After a few minutes, five to be exact, Boon was tired of hovering around and trying to get Collins' attention. He went back to the main room and down the stairs to the bar, throwing away the whiskey bottle from earlier and grabbing another, twisting the top off and taking a small sip. Bringing it back upstairs, the daemon returned to the kitchen and sat in a corner, sipping from the glass bottle every so often as his unhappy expression soon turned neutral, then tired. It took about thirty minutes, but eventually, Collins placed his pen down and read over the note several times, eyes darting from each sentence and word. Saying nothing, he opened another drawer, shuffled through it a few times before retrieving an envelope and sealing it with a lick to the adhesive.

    Finally, his attention was pointed to Boon.

    "Veskur is indeed alive and well. I've informed him of Lunette and current happenings--" "By posin' as Lu herself?" Boon interupted, Collins' brow furrowing once more. "Yes." "But why?" This time, the sigh came from the gargoyle, but it wasn't an irritated sigh. It was... tired. Melancholy even. "She doesn't need to read this; it addresses and references things best left in the past that Lunette has tried so hard to overcome already. If she were to read this and try to respond, I know she would try her best to be... gentle. That's not needed here."

    Vague explanations were Collins' strong suit, much to the chagrin of his cohort. "Uh huh..." Another pause lingered before, "they're both better off without seeing or talking to each other again. At least, not until Veskur responds to this note. It's best for everyone, and I don't give a shit if you think otherwise." Now Boon furrowed his brow, huffing as Collins left the kitchen and went to the fireplace. Just as they did several months ago, the letter was placed inside and, after a few mumbled, incoherent words, it burst into flames, disappearing.

    "Why don't ya just tell me instead of bein' all mysterious and shitty about it?" Boon gave a small push to Collins' shoulder, sort of how an older brother would tease the younger. "It ain't my business, but it ain't yours neither! If you get t' know, I wanna know, too." It was only fair.

    "Okay," Collins crossed his arms, "Veskur thinks everything is fine despite all the hardships both he and Lunette have suffered, and even contemplated on trying again in pursuing her romantically, coming back here hinted in the letter. You don't need me to tell you that it would be a bad idea, and would just cause another mass of problems no one needs." Ears twisted and pinned themselves back in irritation, "it's beyond obtuse to think someone would be that dense and inconsiderate to dare and try something like that again. She doesn't need that. No one does." Claws once again scratched at Boon's furry jawline, an incredulous expression painting his face as he tried to comprehend what Collins' intentions were. To him, it sounded sort of... selfish. Yes, they both had to deal with the fallout from previous issues, and that wasn't really fun but...

    "Are ya gonna tell her he actually responded, at least? If yer not gonna be honest anyway, at least make up somethin'..." Collins couldn't help but glare for a second at Boon, arms unfolding and turning away to pick up the broom on the floor. "I'll make up something," he confirmed, irritation present in his words. There was another length of silence, awkwardness overshadowed by blatant annoyance.

    "... I'm not doing this just to protect ourselves and our job."


    "I'm doing this to keep the burden of yet another possible breakdown from Lunette. She's sensitive, and having the thought of dealing with someone who didn't get the hint several times before might put strain and doubts on her. You should know that. We all know that."

    Boon frowned. "Ya make it sound like she's a mental case."

    "She's not. Just sensitive. Overly at times. Is it right to strain a fragile mind with something that can easily be avoided and isn't at all important, or should we just lay it on her without even considering the possible outcomes? Sometimes it's better to lie and make sure things stay as they are than allow an outside element to break it all apart. Do you really want her to have more troubles with Scaramouche?"

    "More?" Boon interrupted, lip curled. "Oh come on... Lunette still has problems. Anyone can see that. They can work things out in time, I don't doubt that, but it'd help to not add to it, especially with something as stupid as this." To that, Boon couldn't disagree. Collins continued, the broom hitting the floor as he began gathering dust again, "as heartless as it sounds, Lunette and Veskur should not talk to each other. Not until the former is in a better mental state, and the latter understands how selfish and careless they can be."


    "... But?"

    "But... if somethin' happens, and it has t' do with this... I ain't takin' the blame."

    The gargoyle rolled his eyes, "yes, yes, it'll be my fault. I accept the blame and responsibility."

    "... Okay."

    Yet another pause filled the room, not awkward, but not annoyed. A pause of understanding, if such a thing could be. Boon rubbed his knuckles and cracked them, loud popping accompanying the action, as Collins finally gathered all the dust and ash into a neat pile.

    "... What's left t' do?" Boon asked, voice soft and meek. "We need to finish this floor, establishing shelves and a shop sort of area, remodeling and placing new tables and chairs, sorting the stock, adjusting the lighting..." Collins went on and on with the list of things to do, and Boon's frown grew back. Not out of sadness for what was still left, just... the fact they still had so much left to do. "Er... okay. Uh, at least Spring ain't for a while..." "Not until next month, or, if we're lucky, we'll get until April." A month or two--sounded like plenty of time to most people, but to them, it wasn't enough. Sure, they could hire more workers to assist them but...

    This was also a gift.
    And a thank you.

    The least they could do was fulfill the needs and desires of their loving boss who made sure their needs were met. Not only that, but to accommodate for her love, making sure the place had technological advances it hadn't before. There was still a lot to do, but in the end, it would be worth it seeing both of them react to the new setup and getting back to work with ease and a new sense of purpose.

    So, for now, the note was dismissed and forgotten, and the two took a drinking break down in the basement bar, taking in what they had finished and admiring their hard work before getting back to it.

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