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    Batman Weapons | Armor | Powers 1-50

    Bruce Wayne


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    Batman Weapons | Armor | Powers 1-50

    Post by Bruce Wayne on Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:40 am


    Name: Batarang
    Type: Thrown Blade
    Appearance: A sharpened Shuriken in the shape of his ornamental bat symbol, the Batarang is an incredibly efficient thrown weapon. Some variations of the Batarang come in various sizes, and can be collapsed to secretly store in small, hidden compartments of his suit.
    Description: The blade behaves just as a typical shuriken, however its prominent sharpened ends are curved or only lightly spiked, leading to minimal piercing damage.
    Specifics: 1d/2c per Batarang

    Name: Smoke Pellet
    Type: Utility Item
    Appearance: Small, black pellets, not unlike a pill. When burst, creates a thick cloud of smoke that covers a twenty foot radius.
    Description: When thrown against the ground, these capsules rupture into thick clouds of smoke that hinder those with unaided vision. With his cowl, though, Bruce is able to see just fine through the smoke.
    Specifics: For every attack his opponent makes, they must flip an additional coin and both must be HIT in order to successfully land.

    Name: Batclaw
    Type: Long-Ranged Grappling Device
    Appearance: Resembling something of a toy, the Batclaw is a simple mechanism with a trigger and grip-handle with a three-pronged claw with a pressurized mechanism to latch onto objects. Tight, reinforced cord allows the claw to fire up to two hundred feet away, and retract with surprising force.
    Description: This design for the Batclaw is to be used aggressively, rather than for movement. Bruce's response to long-ranged combat, the Batclaw is especially useful as a tool to disorient and disarm foes, wrenching weapons out of their hand.
    Specifics: Wrenches a single held weapon or item off of a target's person for 1 round, rendering them unusable. If the item is consumable or the weapon of a traditional kind, Bruce could use that weapon/trinket during his next round.



    Name: The Batsuit
    Type: Body Armor
    Appearance: Designed to be as dark and foreboding as possible while being as protective as a suit of armor and affording him the range of movement he needs, the Batsuit is both the savior and facade of Bruce's nightly escapades. It comes equipped with thick plates and a ribbed cape for gliding; a mechanized cowl for reconnaisance, and a utility belt, full of useful gadgets and tools.
    Description: Bruce never gets in a fight without it if possible. The suit is equipped to handle the sort of hand to hand street combat Batman is used to getting into, with blades, handguns, and makeshift weapons. The padding and bulletproof armor have given him an almost immortal feeling in the eyes of evildoers which furthers to instill fear in his enemies.
    Specifics: -25% from Blunt, Piercing, Slashing, and Ballistics damage.


    LEVEL 1

    Name: Shock Gauntlets (Damage Enhancer)
    Description: Designed from backwards-engineering the Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves, Bruce's gauntlets can be supercharged with absorbed kinetic energy to power their generators and give his melee attacks additional force.
    Specifics: +1 Die to attacks, 1 AP; this damage cannot kill the target, even if they are reduced to 0 HP.

    LEVEL 10

    Name: Sonic Batarang (Tier Reducer)
    Description: In an effort to subdue his sturdier opponents, Bruce carries with him a number of specialized Batarangs that are a little clumsier to throw, but emit a powerful and precise sonic wavelength that can temporarily deafen anybody within range. Bruce himself is protected from this with his cowl, allowing him to act normally through the screech.
    Specifics: Opponent has current die tier reduced by half; 3 turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Glue Grenade (Stun)
    Description: Formulated of a sticky adhesive compound created by Bruce himself, the Glue Grenade is an effective way of trapping a foe that is hard to lock down otherwise. Simply press the button and throw, coating the area and the target with the substance.
    Specifics: 1d/1c/1 Duration Die; 5 turn cooldown. Bruce possesses the dissolving compound to remove the chemical on his utility belt, allowing him to free himself or others, should he have to, from his own grenade, ending the effect immediately.

    LEVEL 30

    Name: The Big Guns (Summon/Vehicle)
    Description: Once this ability is unlocked, the Batmobile is considered operational. By using his remote tracking device, Bruce is able to remotely drive and operate the Batmobile and its defensive turrets, allowing him to surprise foes with a destructive power that Bruce himself does not possess. The Batmobile features a transformable 'combat mode' wherein it functions more like a tank, sporting a large cannon and multi-directional movement to easily glide around the battlefield. It has two different weapons choices and is firmly locked into using them only on specific targets. If the enemy is question is an organic being, smaller turrets assist Bruce by firing a barrage of rubber bullets for maximized nonlethal damage. If the enemy is non-organic, Bruce has the option to instead utilize its anti-craft military-grade cannon for a powerful and armor-shredding blast.
    - Against organic enemies, 4d/4c; this damage cannot kill the target, even if they are reduced to 0 HP.
    - Against inorganic enemies, 3d/2c; only 1 coin needs to HIT to deal damage. This damage ignores the target's armor.
    - 5 Turn cooldown.
    - Outside of combat, the Batmobile can be utilized as an incredibly fast and durable all-terrain and combat vehicle, capable of smashing through obstacles and running over smaller debris and cars. If an organic being gets too close to the car while it is moving, its constant electric barrier ensures that they are flung away before being struck, regardless of the car's speed.

    LEVEL 40

    Name: Evasive Maneuver
    Description: Through the use of any combination of gadgets, such as smoke pellets or grapple hooks, or even simply his acrobatic skills, Bruce avoids an oncoming attack with the finesse he's known for.
    Specifics: Dodge; 5 turn cooldown.

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Remote Electrical Charge Rifle
    Description: Designed from a confiscated piece of equipment, Bruce can quickly hip-fire a sudden burst of electricity to short-circuit electronics and render them useless.
    - Against organic enemies, disables their electronic (mechanical but not magical) weapons and abilities for 1 duration die. They may not be aware that this effect is in place; there is no visual feedback.
    - Against inorganic enemies, inflicts 3d of unavoidable electrical damage.


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    Re: Batman Weapons | Armor | Powers 1-50

    Post by Zurg on Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:02 am

    All done. I particularly like the Batclaw.

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