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    humble housemates



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    humble housemates

    Post by Springtrap on Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:55 pm

    MARCH 19th | Year 8 | 22:45

    Late into the March night, things stayed at a cool temperature and created frost. It would be a while until the weather improved, but for the moment, the best thing one could do is stay indoors and out from the cold. Of course, when one's abode was decrepit and falling apart in general, it was a tad harder to stay warm and not frostbitten. The old warehouse building of sorts was still full of large holes and broken windows, but in the farthest corner, near a small pit, sat a bunch of blankets and pillows from various things such as couches, and on top of the mound were a large assortment of dogs. Stray ones, by the look of them, all of various breeds, though among them there were mostly pit bulls and rottweilers. Three pit bulls, two rottweilers, along with a german shepherd mix, two chihuahuas and a single chow chow dog. They were all cuddled together on the make-shift bedding, warming up to a small fire in front of them.

    Krrk... krrrk... krrk...

    The ears of the canines swiftly jerked around to the far off sound of metallic scraping, all patiently waiting and staring intensely at a door.

    Krrk... krrrk... krrk...


    Springtrap entered the small area, bringing in a wicker basket full of foodstuffs specifically for the furry critters that were waiting. They rushed off of the bedding and wagged their tails, standing up and panting at the rabbot. "okay hold on holy fucking christ" Springtrap exclaimed, snapping his fingers. Most of them understood the command and sat, though the chow was rather aloof and did as it pleased, flopping down on the floor instead. "close enough" the animatronic responded with a false sigh, carrying the basket of goodies over to an assortment of dog bowls in many sizes. "you cannot keep eating the filth of the streets" while speaking, Springtrap opened a large bag of dog food and began filling the bowls, "this is better and will not make you sick" To any dogs that displayed aggression, the robot was swift in snapping his fingers or making a high pitched noise, irking the dog to listen and behave.

    "yes" he said pleased with his actions, all of the dogs eating happily. "feed my children"

    While his pack was occupied, Springtrap stepped over and sat slowly on the bedding, watching them from a distance. Metal fingers finagled through the make-shift cloak he wore and revealed a molotov, ready to be used at his discretion. Optics shifted to the little chihuahua dogs that yipped excitedly at the food before scarfing it down, recalling that they were chased around by some teenagers.


    It was the same concept of the furry beast and the red medical robotic; belittling something that one assumed had no sentience or conscious. Was it to bolster their own insecurities? Why hurt a small animal like these bug-eyed little yippers? It was beyond him, and though he had little reason to speak up against violence in general, it just felt...


    There they were, standing around and eating. Doing nothing but wagging their tails, happy to have some food and once they were done, they wandered back over to their beds, curling up nearby the animatronic and seemingly pleased. Springtrap reached out at gave a few close enough some head pats, enjoying their presence and also manners compared to many he previously met. His body slumped and sank a bit into the fabrics as optics trained upwards to a hole in the ceiling, viewing the sky above.

    It was sad and stupid how such simple creatures were often used or abused for the amusement of others--to this he had a kinship with them. While he was much stronger and capable of killing people with ease, dogs and other small animals known for being pets weren't as lucky to have such strength... that's why the molotov in his grip was squeezed a bit tighter. A mechanical groan echoed through the building, the dogs tilting their heads curiously at the sound as the weapon was placed back in the cloak, which was then removed completely, and set aside.

    "this place fucking sucks" he said, optics lazily clicking to the right, then left. "but it is not as bad"
    "as food services"

    He'd have to try harder in doing something.

    Taking care of strays was fine, but the desire to do more really struck out. Perhaps not a genocide or mass murder, not to that extreme (yet), but... just something. He'd have to figure it out later. There was plenty of time, as much as he hated to admit it, as time was agonizing to him -- either too painfully slow or too fucking quick -- and each minute was just another reminder of a pitiful existence.


    "i will take you all for walkies tomorrow"

    "and we will find your previous owners"

    "and i will punch the fucking shit out of them"

    That was his goal for the week.

    With that in mind, optics slowly closed, mimicking sleepiness, and the animatronic tried his best to simply detach himself from thoughts and pains that bothered him.

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