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    Post by Kev on Fri Mar 23, 2018 11:28 pm

    Time: 11:23 AM
    Date: March 15, 0008

    With a tummy full of breakfast and his chest full of apprehension, Kev stood at the bottom of the stairs. A hand grasped the banister as the man braced himself. A few nights ago, he had relayed the story of how he wound up being gifted Marvin by Zurg. Thinking about that first Marvin, all those years ago...? With the knowledge he now had about robots thanks to Scaramouche? For some reason, it made him a little anxious. Marvin 2.0 had been gifted to him as a companion, someone to help around the house and keep him company. Someone to teach, and care for! And he'd taken the robot under his wing easily as a son. But times had changed, over the years.

    Kev's little home no longer felt so empty. With even more animals than before, and his growing adopted family that consisted of both Fear and Livewire, he didn't feel so alone! But...he desperately hoped that that didn't mean Marvin felt unfulfilled. He'd been meant as a companion. Did he now feel left out or forgotten? There was only one way to find out. With a deep breath, the former alien ascended the stairs. To the immediate right was the door to Marvin's room, and he knocked on it respectfully.

    Knock knock!

    There was a sound of a book being shut, paper rustling lightly with a soft fwump before a mechanical voice called out. "Come in." A soft creak, and the temporary human stepped inside the room. As usual, it was quite tidy. Marvin was perched in his chair in the corner, a calico laying languidly around his shoulders like a lazy boa. She raised her head and mewed at Kev softly, but did little else. The robot was far too warm and comfortable! Next to his chair was two bookshelves, each filled with a good supply of books. Fairy tales, encyclopedias, a few comics, and even collections of fantasy series! As far as Marvin's personal belongings went, that was as much as he needed. Otherwise, the room was centered around the animals. A cat bed, food and water dish, a scratching post and a little cardboard box full of toys. Against the wall was the turtle enclosure, where all three turts were napping upon a rock and soaking up light from a sunlamp.

    Despite a few nerves, Kev couldn't help a smile at the peaceful scene of a robot and his cat. "Hi Marvin! I just wanted to check up on you. And Shally, she looks comfy~!" Coming over to stand awkwardly by the robot, he tilted his head to peer at the book on Marvin's lap. What're you reading?"

    "'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe'. It's the first of a new series I found at the library." The myr turned the book so Kev could see the cover. There was a rather large and majestic lion on it, surrounded by four human kids of varying ages. Two boys, and two girls. "It is interesting, and I like the four children. I am concerned that this version of Santa Claus gives children weapons, though." He paused, glancing down at the book in slight reflection. "At least Lucy received a special potion to heal people. It will likely come in handy by the end." Such was how predictable books could get, at times.

    "Weapons?" Kev's face scrunched up at the idea. Imagine, good ole Sandy Claws giving Livewire a bag of grenades. Ho, ho, ooooh no! Shaking his head in amusement, he reached over to put a hand on the robot's shoulder. "Well...strange gift standards aside, that sounds interesting! Those kids are probably in for an epic fight. Think you'll read the rest of it?"

    A soft hum came from the robot as he seemed to consider the book. "Perhaps. I won't know for certain until I finish this one. If it is engaging enough, I may check out the rest of it." The man gave a nod, and soon a silence settled upon the two of them. Marvin lifted his gaze to look at Kev completely, not quite used to this new face. A worried frown had grown on Kev's face, glancing at Marvin as he pretended to be looking over the room. If the myr owned any eyebrows, they'd be raised. He'd known Kev long enough to know when something was bothering him. And it was strange of him to come in just to ask about a book... "Was there anything else you wanted to talk about?" The robot prodded, not unkindly.

    Nibbling his lower lip, the hand on Marvin's shoulder gave the robot a rub. "You're happy here, right? If you need anything, anything at all... I can get it for you, you know?" He glanced around the room again, it felt so sparse compared to the rest of the house! Perhaps he'd like a picture frame, or maybe an actual bed?

    "Hmm..." Metal fingers reached up, stroking beneath Shally's chin. The fluffy cat purred and rumbled, leaning into his touch as her noises vibrated against his metal plating.  Scritch scritch scritch... "New jingly bell toys would be good. I think Shally would appreciate that."

    "...That's it?!"


    "That can't be it! Are you sure? I won't say no, I promise!"

    "No need. I just want more jingly toys for Shally. Otherwise, I'm content." The cat in question began to move her paws in an attempt to knead at Marvin's shoulders, finding no give to push against. She continued anyway, still purring. Mindful of the calico, Marvin stepped out of his perch and set the book down upon his cushioned seat. Now at his full height, his head tilted in an inquisitive fashion that resembled a bird. "What is this about, Kev?"

    Well...there wasn't any use pussyfooting around. Kev sighed to himself, grasping his own elbow in a melancholy manner. "I just want to make sure I'm being a good dad for you. I know you're quiet, and you don't need as much attention. But that doesn't mean I don't care about you. You mean a lot to me, Marvin. You really do! And I hope...you know how much I love you." He reached for the robot again, clasping his forearm and giving it a tender squeeze. Concern was written all over his face, along with a smile that was hopefully reassuring. The former alien was still not good at trying to hide his emotions on his face, and so the mixture of nerves and love was easy to gleam.

    Metal refused to yield under the squeeze of Kev's human fingers, and the robot laid his own hand over Kev's. Touch gentle as ever, Marvin's light blue optics stared into the brown eyes intently. Marvin understood Kev's worries, and he was sure he knew what to say. "Do you remember the story of Cinderella?"

    Taken aback, Kev blinked. "Yeah?" He didn't move, allowing their hands to remain clasped together.

    "Cinderella's stepmother didn't treat her right. She worked Cinderella like a slave, made her clean up after her stepsisters, and refused to give her any bit of happiness." Inclining his head towards the man, Marvin sounded confident. "You have never treated me like that. Never."

    Alright...suppose he had a point. Scaramouche's history made it clear how most people tended to treat their robots. Kev had never mistreated Marvin. "Okay, okay..." He shuffled closer, until their chests were pressed together. His free arm wrapped around the sturdy robot in a hug. "I just worry...I know things have changed. When you were first given to me, I was alone. Now, I'm not. And I don't want you to feel left out. You were made to be my companion, and you still are. Even if you're not the only companion I've got now." Their temples pressed together in a show of affection. With the lips he now possessed, Kev planted a small peck to the side of Marvin's helm.

    Marvin hummed, contemplative as he nudged his head against Kev's cheek. "When you first became close with Fear, I was apprehensive. I remained that way for a long time. I did not trust him, and I thought he would hurt you. But here we are, three years later. Much has changed, but you are happier." A firm squeeze was given to the human. "At times, I may miss when it was just you and I. But, it is worth it to see how you have changed. You are stronger, more...complete. Our family may have increased, but it does not negate that we are still family. I care for Nym and Livewire, and I even enjoy Fear's company. And your happiness is important to me. As long as you still have need of me, I will always be here for you."

    "Oooh...!" Sappier than maple syrup, Kev sniffed loudly and pressed his face into the robot's shoulder. Much to the chagrin of Shally, who meowed as Kev's nose nudged her belly. "I'll always need you, Marvin!"

    A soft chuckle sounded from the myr. "Then I'll always be here for you."

    Several minutes passed before the two released each other from the hug. All anxiety had been removed from Kev, like a great weight lifted off of his back. All smiles, his gaze eventually caught the book Marvin had been reading. "I've got an idea. Can I sit and read this book with you?" He rubbed the back of his neck, with a sheepish snort. "I might need a summary of what's happened so far, but I'd love to read this with you. As long as you don't mind!"

    "Nothing would make me happier, Kev." Marvin settled himself down on the floor, back arching as he laid the book on the floor. Kev plopped beside him, legs criss-crossing comfortably. Knee to knee, the robot began to bring the man up to speed, beginning with how the four children came to find the magical wardrobe. He listened quietly, soaking up this information as he enjoyed a bit of quality time with Marvin. Life had changed for Kev over the years, but he couldn't be happier with the results.

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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