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    Daemeon Serpentongue [Weapon/Armor/Level 1 Power]

    Daemeon Serpentongue


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    Daemeon Serpentongue [Weapon/Armor/Level 1 Power]

    Post by Daemeon Serpentongue on Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:54 am


    Name: Messorem
    Type: Shape-shifting Scythe
    Appearance: It is as tall as Daemeon's torso. No matter what form it is in, the pole and blade are black. It can grow to various lengths depending on how much Dark Energy Daemeon channels into it.
    Description: Orzar created this weapon for his son by ripping out Daemeon’s spine and instilled the demon’s will into it. It hides as a tattoo on Daemeon's back when not in use.
    Specifics: 2d/1c 1AP If anyone else besides Daemeon tries to wield this scythe, damage done by the scythe will be dealt to the wielder as well.


    Name: Demonskin
    Type: Full body
    Appearance: His skin
    Description: Being a demon, Daemeon can take quite a hit before he starts showing any signs of damage.
    Specifics: Activates Damage Points. -25% to blunt, piercing, slashing, electric, and fire damages. Doubles at level 30.

    LEVEL 1

    Name: Dark Energy
    Description:Using the natural energy he was born with, Daemeon can use this energy to form projectiles by channeling it through his scythe, fists, etc. along with using it to enhance his own attacks. He can also use it to create chains, fires, and bolts of lightning.
    Specifics: 2d/1c 1AP  Melee, Ranged, Utility. Fire Damage in flame form. Thunder Damage in electric form.


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    Re: Daemeon Serpentongue [Weapon/Armor/Level 1 Power]

    Post by Zurg on Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:37 am

    All set.

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