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    Midnight Run

    Scarlet Eldred
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    Midnight Run

    Post by Scarlet Eldred on Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:38 am

    Time: 12:38pm
    Date: 4/4/2018

    It was getting late. Well, depending on who was awake. Unfortunately, thanks to circumstances in her home world, this knight, in particular, was very close to being nocturnal, even if she was working out vigorously throughout the day. Ugh. It was that very same scenario that led her to work out for so long during the day, before she ended up swimming in the pool of the Sanctuary for what felt like ages... Even now, she'd just come from there, doing crunches, of all things, while dangling from the rafters that The Batman had given her the idea for. After all, he seemed to just...materialize from up there...

    Turning a corner, she shook her head. Her thoughts were starting to wander while she jogged. She still had yet to be introduced to things like headphones and music of this era, so she was left to her own thoughts to keep her entertained as she ran along the empty streets. Empty, mostly, because she was keeping to back streets; the lighting wasn't nearly as intense, and there was less worry about crashing into anyone. Ideally, running outside of the city would be best...though she wasn't planning to do that without company, or a sword. Who the hell knew what was out there...? And it probably didn't help that she had forgotten to clean the blood off of her from tidying the Sanctuary after Curiosity had eaten, either. If anyone found her, they would either think she was an assault victim, or a serial killer...

    Come to think of it, she wasn't even sure what else she could end up running into IN the city.

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