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    A Door (Re) Opens

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    A Door (Re) Opens

    Post by Universal NPC on Tue May 01, 2018 3:17 pm

    Dawn (06:00) of the First Day (May 1st, Y8)

    There was still a lot left to do.
    Items needed to be placed, the kitchen needed to be prepped, paint to dry, decor to adjust, stock to check... the list went on and on, having the smallest of things but would help make an impact. Such menial tasks, however, would fall to the two who were the most ready: Boon and Collins. Both were already up, cleaning and taking inventory, having stayed up the night before to finish the larger parts of the remodeling and get the entire place ready for the big day. Lunette and Scaramouche would be coming in a bit later in the day to finalize some things and what have you, but the actual big day was tomorrow. This was all just finalizing...

    But really, everything seemed in order. It felt more open, brighter and a bit more welcoming than the previous set-up, resembling more of an old-time tavern. Now, it was a store and cafe sort of feeling. A nice respite for those traveling through to the forest and beyond, or just having need for a nice place to drink close to the city, but without the noise. Yes, it seemed just right to the owner's imagining, and would surely perk up her spirits and love for her home.

    Collins stared out the front door window, eyes barely reacting to the glint of the morning sun. The only thing that pulled them away was the ticking of his watch, to which the time was taken and the gargoyle turned around to call out. "Alright, Boon, let's go check the greenhouse," he said, walking past the kitchen to the direction of the backyard. "Right, right! Gotta check th' produce... gimme a second." The daemon was busy in the kitchen, checking the large freezer that had been previously fixed last year of its contents. Meats of all sorts, and frozen fruits were organized away from each other and neatly packaged as the daemon's large hands pushed them aside to find something in particular.

    "Now where in th'hell did I put that--ahah!" His fingers curled around a small, dark brown flask-shaped bottle and removed it, licking his lips. The worn label read "Va'honukoh", and the scent that escaped once the cap was taken off made it blatant it was a special brand of alcohol, no doubt stashed there for the rarity of it. "Ahh~ A lil' bit to wake me up..." a very small amount was sipped, causing the daemon's fur to prickle up and nose to crinkle. "Yeeeeaahhhhh!" Snorting, Boon placed the cap back on and hid the flask once more before turning around and exiting the kitchen.

    Outside, the gargoyle had already been standing beside the small greenhouse in waiting. The scent was still quite pungent, and caused his nostrils to flare a bit. "Yeck! What is that? Va'honukoh?? Where did you even get that?" Boon merely grinned and scratched his cheek sheepishly, "ah, er, s-saved a bit... s'all I got." "Don't worry, I don't want any." The daemon sighed a bit in relief before Collins continued, opening the door to the greenhouse, "not a fan of it. Maybe you should give the rest to Lunette, have her make some more." "... Huh. Now why didn't I think'a that?" The gargoyle said nothing in response, and focused on the various growing vegetables and herbs that were ready to be picked. "Retrieve a basket so we can start getting these ready for tomorrow, yeah?" Boon saluted and did as asked, and the two gathered up a nice assortment of fresh foodstuffs before moving on to their next chore.

    It would all be worth it tomorrow!

    The Tavern re-opens WEDNESDAY, MAY 2nd!

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