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    Ending to a Rough Week



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    Ending to a Rough Week

    Post by Kev on Tue May 08, 2018 5:03 pm

    Time: 5:55 PM
    Date: May 6, 0008

    Today was a Sunday like any other Sunday. Portal City was bustling, cars zooming along the streets outside, and the world was not ending. The day was winding down peacefully, which was something Kev desperately needed right now. With a plastic bag full of a collection of Pink Floyd CDs and a t-shirt, the alien handed it over along with a receipt. "Here you go! Enjoy the cds, sir!" The customer gave him a nod and a smile before ducking through the door with his goods. Blue eyes sought out the clock, taking notice that closing time was soon. He sighed with relief. Odds were good that the male who just left would be the last customer for the day! The day had been quite breezy, the energy in the store relaxed, and yet something kept nibbling at the back of his mind.

    Namely, the fact that he'd had to fire Nyreena. It was a tough choice, but Kev was confident he'd done the right thing. Ever since a new Daemeon had arrived, it had been hard for the alien to feel relaxed. The demon had no memories of Portal Breach, but he had yet to prove that he was any different from the older Daemeon. Both wrote in notebooks, both were enigmatic grinning demons who professed to love science, and both were chaotic. So much was up in the air, who knew what he was working on at any given time? And, after Nyreena had tired to befriend the demon to get information, Kev had requested she back off. Granted, Batman asked first, but the alien was in agreement with the odd man. The ghost woman had been entangled in Daemeon's clutches before, and it was best for her to get distance between herself and Daemeon as soon as possible. So what did she do...?

    Apparently, she chose to grab some hapless new guy, go charging right for Daemeon, and murder him. Sam, the guilty son of a gun, hadn't been given any information about this world or Daemeon's origins. Nyreena had made a preemptive strike, damning herself and Sam to whatever revenge that maniac could cook up once he was alive again. And Kev would have no part in it. It had been a mistake to get involved with that demon's tricks last time. All he'd done was make himself a target for the creep's...attention. For every roadblock he put in the fool's way, he just as easily found a different way to win. He'd gotten Nyreena under his spell, murdered Alexander, and corrupted Shiro. No good would come from fighting the demon, especially without any proper planning. Which, from the sounds of it, Nyreena and Sam didn't have. The ghost had put herself in danger, along with Sam, and probably Dominick too. There was no telling what Daemeon would do now...!

    Shaking the thought from his mind, Kev stepped over to the register to distract himself. Bit by bit, the credits inside were withdrawn and stored away into a bag. Whatever would come from Daemeon's schemes, the scaly man couldn't afford to get involved. He had a partner, children, close friends, and animals that all depended on him. The demon still made him anxious, but he was safe. And he'd spent long enough trying to help people who just wouldn't help themselves. So much energy wasted. Nyreena had made her decision, and that was that. Time would go on, history may or may not repeat itself. The mouthless alien had learned from the past and refused to repeat his mistakes. All he had to do now, was manage the sense of fear and helplessness he felt from the demon.


    Everything seemed chaotic and unpredictable, but it wouldn't remain that way forever. Daemeon would grow bored, or die, or run out of ideas. Life would go on. In the machinations of the world, the creep was a mere bug. He would be squashed one way or another, and eventually be lost to the sands of time. He didn't matter. Fear mattered. Livewire, Marvin, and Nym all mattered. There were so many people who outweighed that fool in so many ways."It will all be alright." Soon, the thought would be second nature and he wouldn't have to remind himself. Locking the register up tight for the coming week, the alien's thoughts turned to lighter thoughts. Namely, how to spend time with his family tonight. It was a far better use for his time. There ought to be something good on the telly. Anxiety seeped out of the man, replaced with far warmer feelings regarding his loved ones, and all was well.

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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