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    Down Time

    Alasdair & Sutekh
    Alasdair & Sutekh


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    Down Time

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Thu May 10, 2018 5:33 pm

    TIME: 21:45
    DATE: 5/5/y8

    "Hey, about those texts... look, I don't think it's a good idea."

    "Hm? Are you sure...? It'd be no trouble at all, Sutekh and I won't get hurt, we're smarter than that. It'd be super easy, we'd just need to --"

    "No!... I'm sorry, but just no. Please don't get involved. It's bad enough things have already happened to others, just... please promise me you won't get involved or do anything... please."

    "O... Okay... I-I promise! Sutekh and I will... l-leave it alone."

    "Thank you... I'm sorry for snapping. Please take care, and remember..."

    "I... I will. Have a good night, Lunette."

    That phone call bothered the little undead for a few minutes afterwards, brow furrowed as sharp fangs poked at his bottom lip. Getting texts from Lunette about research, then she calls and says otherwise? It was... a letdown, really. Alasdair was excited to have something to look up, to go all in on, to help! But... whatever made the Anitra change her mind, it was quite a strong reaction, and the jiangshi would respect her wishes, no matter how much he wished to help. Though he had broken a promise once before, heading into Lochlann, at least that didn't turn out too bad? But still... it was hard keeping that even a secret, as once he stepped through the door home, Sutekh was all over him, sniffing and curious, the scent of daemonic all over him. Luckily, he was able to divert the subject to something else... but it was hard to stand in front of his best friend and lie.

    It was hard now to stand next to said friend and keep quiet.

    "Let me guess, she changed her mind?" Alasdair nodded. "Not surprised... but I don't care." "What do you mean?" Sutekh snorted and leaned against a lamp-post, the two standing at the edge of the sidewalk and waiting to cross the street. "I say we do what we want. She ain't our mom, and we don't exactly have much else to do. We should just do what you wanted to in the first place." The undead's face crinkled slightly in annoyance at the lack of concern or respect, and began fidgeting with his fingers, "let's not. I promised..." "I didn't." The little green man on the sign flashed, and Sutekh walked forward first, halfway across before Alasdair followed.

    "Look, it's not like we have much to do in the first place, yeah? What's the harm in looking into these newbies that keep popping up? S'not like we're gonna beat them up for their credits or to spill whatever stupid 'secrets' they have." The beastman's tail swayed and prodded at the jiangshi's fingers, trying to keep them apart as they attempted to scratch at each other in irritation. "... M-maybe we could just... f-find another relic... w-we need only four more..." "Oh yeah, the museum. Well, that's been a work in progress for at least two or three years, and we've nothin' to show for it, except a few rusted pieces of garbage." Alasdair frowned, eyes glancing up quickly to somewhat glare at the other, "t-that's not true! We've a nice assortment of items! J-just a few more and we c-can --" "We can open up a museum of other cultures and worlds that literally no one else gives a shit about."

    Stopping in his tracks, Alasdair frowned harder, looking down at the cracked sidewalk as his hands scratched at each other. If he could, the little guy would surely be crying, or at least sniffling by this point, and Sutekh knew that. With a sigh, he turned around and knelt down, placing a large clawed hand on the other's shoulder at an attempt of comfort, "I'm sorry. I'm... bored. I'm bored and irritated and there's been nothing to do for a while now." Keeping his face as straight as possible, the beastman continued after a small squeeze to the other's shoulder, "I miss home. This place will never feel like home to me, even if it's pretty okay. It doesn't have the same feeling, the same aura, the same... anything. I want to fight, and drink, and do the daring stuff we used to do, instead of sitting at home or in a nice part of town, playing with some fucking contraptions..."

    "Surely, you can understand that?"

    Could he?
    Alasdair didn't move or look up, instead thinking deeply on the words of his friend. It's true; things were slow, quiet, peaceful, and that was honestly alright with him. The motivation to go relic hunting, fight beasts or creatures of unknown origin or even just explore an unknown place was... not there. The two had just been relaxing far too long, playing their games and hiding away... but... Alasdair lifted his head after shaking it, still frowning. "I... I know... but I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want to be stupid and reckless and get into danger, and especially not worry our only home-land friend. She's done a lot for us, you can't deny that, and I... just want her to be happy by respecting her wishes..."

    The two looked at each other for several minutes, Alasdair's sad expression still there while Sutekh's shifted from neutral to annoyed, and then to defeat with a loud sigh and gritting his teeth. "FFFFFFFFFFFFFine..." he begrudgingly stated, and removed his hand from Al's shoulder. "We won't bother these new people. But can't we at least do something ELSE?? For fuck's sake, let's just wander the woods for a few days or weeks, and see what we can find?" The itch for adventure bothered both of them, after all.

    Alasdair nodded, but didn't smile as his expression turned neutral. "Okay. We can at least do that." There was something about his words that made Sutekh feel defeated, even when the little guy agreed with him to do something. But, he wouldn't say anymore on the subject, finding it straining and pointless... His tall ears pinned back a little as his snout crinkled up, irritation still radiating from the beastman as he stood up and turned away. "Alright then." Putting his hands in his coat pockets, he walked on, Alasdair following (albeit falling) behind, still staring at the sidewalk and the cracks it held. The two wandered into the outer district for a bit, neither saying a word, and would soon find themselves out of the city limits, gone from the noise of the concrete jungle.

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