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    Knock Out: Powers 30-50

    Knock Out


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    Knock Out: Powers 30-50

    Post by Knock Out on Sat May 12, 2018 2:59 pm


    LEVEL 30

    Name: A-Door Me (damage reflect)
    Description: Using his car door/arm as an impromptu 'shield', Knock Out can reflect an opponents attack back onto them. This is possible thanks to the hardy nature of Cybertronian metal.
    Specifics: Three turn cooldown.
    25% damage is reflected back if the opponent's level is higher than user's ; user suffers the remaining 75%
    50% damage is reflected back if the opponent's level is lower than or equal to user's ; user suffers remaining 50%

    LEVEL 40

    Name: Hit The Nos (dodge)
    Description: As a sportscar and an avid streetracer, Knock Out prides himself on being a speedy bugger. Try to hit him if you can, Knock Out will do his best to dodge! Gotta keep that finish untarnished, you know?
    Specifics: Flip a dodge coin, five turn cooldown. Cannot attack while dodging.

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Surgical Fury (unmissable)
    Description: Knock Out doesn't like to get his servoes dirty, but sometimes a mech's gotta do what a mech's gotta do! With all of the energy he can gather, Knock Out strikes out in calculated moves that cannot miss!
    Specifics: Roll three (3) die ; they will not miss. Five turn cooldown.


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    Re: Knock Out: Powers 30-50

    Post by Zurg on Fri May 18, 2018 5:10 am

    All set, hot stuff!

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