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    Interesting Development...

    Daemeon Serpentongue
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    Interesting Development...

    Post by Daemeon Serpentongue on Mon May 14, 2018 9:20 pm

    Time: 5:00 pm
    Date: May 14, 0001

    Sitting beneath his growing tree, Daemeon was meditating. He had spent the pass for days tending to his gardening, but he had to admit that he was getting bored of this mundane task. Watering the plants, making sure their leaves regenerated whenever an animal gnawed on them. The demon didn’t mind this task but it certainly wasn’t that fun. But he did like seeing the results for himself. Most of the fauna that had eaten the leaves of the flowers wound up dead or entered a feral and derange state of mind. As for the insects that sipped the flowers nectar, they grew exponentially and became more aggressive. To the demon, everything was going according to plan.

    As more animal corpses dropped around his garden, the more flowers sprouted and the tree grew taller. Daemeon had notices spiders that devoured these mutated bugs had grown much larger as well, leaving behind footprints in the ground as they passed by. The only creatures that hadn’t been affected by these mutations were the carrion eaters: crows, vultures, etc. They remained the same like another scavenger. The demon stroke his chin. “Interesting… I wonder why?”

    Remaining seated beneath his growing tree, the demon reached out towards the city. He could feel a similar presences to his own radiating from there, but felt off. He knew is rabid animals in the city should be distracting the citizens but this presences came from an individual. “Let’s see who is sharing my power?” he muttered as he closed his eyes.

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