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    Post by Lunette on Mon May 14, 2018 10:26 pm

    DATE: 5/14/y9
    TIME: 19:55

    OOC Notice: This thread may contain sensitive material and imagery.

    What a terrible start to the month...

    The month prior was alright, with a steady influx of new people... the summer rush, it felt like. It happened last year as well, it seemed. New people coming in around the start of the summer, end of the spring... but nothing and no one could top the now one year citizen of the Breach that laid cocooned around the silky feline in a loving and protective embrace.

    Within the android's frame hummed a soft ambiance, lulling Lunette into a calm and sleepy state as it mixed with the airwaves of her rumbling purrs. Yes, it made a rather odd cacophony, but to the Anitra, it was the most soothing of noises. Never did she need a heartbeat to rest against as Scaramouche's inner workings did the job just as well; an oddly soothing steady beat of white noise that made her feel comfortable and safe. Yes... it felt so nice... so right... Lunette's eyes started to flinch as they closed, lashes falling onto her silken fur and a soft purr-snore mixture beginning in her nostrils. It was harder to fall asleep, with so much going on outside and with dear friends, worried what may happen. It was all hypotheticals, and while true Kev, Fear and even Scaramouche could handle themselves... it still worried her.

    What if?
    So many what ifs... What may be... hypothetical scenes playing in her mind as she drifted off, trying to shake them from her subconscious in hopes of happier things. Like... kittens! Precious kittens... the thought made her want to wretch years ago, but she didn't have someone who was completely head-over-heels for the idea at the time. Now, it made her feel... happy. As if thousands of butterflies gently hovered in her tummy, the thought of snuggling and cooing at potential children...


    A white and grey kitten, markings akin to Lunette herself, wandered a field in front of her very eyes. The Anitra sat beneath a mighty tree, shaded from the sun as the child hopped around joyously chasing butterflies and grasshoppers. The ambiguous child ran closer to their mother, their paws cupped softly as a vibrant blue butterfly awaited in their grasp. "Momma! Look! I found a butteryfly!" the child exclaimed with excitement, voice crackling at the highest pitch. A smile revealed a missing front tooth as they slowly opened their paws to show Lunette the catch. "A butterfly? Be gentle! They're fragile creatures..." she stated softly, her hand reaching out to stroke the child's hair.

    The butterfly was a brilliant blue, so vibrant in contrast to the dark, dull setting before them that it stood out eerily so. "It is beautiful... you should let them go now!" The kitten did as told, turning around and carefully hoisting the creature into the air, where it fluttered off.

    It abruptly burst into flames.

    The kitten mewled and began crying, shocked and upset the beautiful insect had not survived even two feet away from them. Lunette stood suddenly and rushed over at the mewling, picking the child up in her arms and cradling them. "It--it's alright, dear...! It's alright... shush..." Soon, all the crying ceased, and there was silence as the sky began to turn a crimson red, the air around her constricting and the scent of burning filled her nostrils. Nose crinkling in reaction, Lunette looked to the child in worry, but found they were not there.

    Instead, a burned husk.

    Screaming, the remains fell from Lunette's arms and turned to ash the second they hit the ground, and sobbing soon followed. The entire world was dark and red, burning hot and similar to that of a hellscape. Such a terrible sight, Lunette could not keep herself composed as tears poured from her sapphire eyes.

    "you did this"

    A faint voice, raspy and difficult to hear, called out to her.

    "you did this"

    It repeated its words as it grew closer, but looking around, she saw no one. No one, but the sensation of being crept up on filled her with fear, fur standing on end along the spine.

    "YOU DID THIS!!!"

    Flames roared around her, making a circle and trapping the feline within as it rose to a high state, choking the very air from her lungs. The voice shouted again and again, "YOU DID THIS!!" until before her a charred corpse stood.

    Watery eyes, drenched in tears, slowly looked upon the body before her and found...

    "N-N...Neille...?" she whispered quietly in disbelief.


    "I... I didn't..." Burning pain struck her upon the cheek as she was slapped into silence.

    "YOU KILLED ME! I had given you EVERYTHING and you were TREATED LIKE A QUEEN!!" Fire bellowed from the draconic creature's broken mouth, lava spewing everywhere as it burned through her gown, searing her fur and flesh. "YOUR FATHER DID THIS TO ME AND SO DID YOU!!" "Y... you treated me... like a toy! Like a bargaining chip! I wasn't happy and... and you wouldn't let me go!"


    A mountain of lava burst through the ground and encased them both in a ring of fire!


    The feline could do nothing but curl into a ball and cover her head, crying softly and hoping things would stop around her. The smells, the sensations, all of it seared through her body and left marks of fire and abuse. With a shrill and loud "STOP!!", everything ceased.

    It all stopped...
    It all shifted to nothingness.

    Except for a door.

    A single door in her frame of vision stuck out, and within the doorframe was a tall figure, covered in garb that hinted to a traveler. Their protruding beak, wings and ears caused Lunette to nearly choke, "... R... Rorik..." escaped her sore throat and the figure tipped his hat to her. "Evening, Miss Mal'izio," his deep voice resonating within the darkness like a stereo on high bass. "I must leave for a time... but I will return, do not fear." Lunette pushed herself off of the ground and attempted to stand, hand reaching out for him. Before she could grasp the figure, a burst of RED shot through, slicing his neck.

    A spray of crimson covered her, and the figure, now decapitated, was gone.

    Body trembling, Lunette's eyes drifted down to her hands that shook uncontrollably, covered in red. The scent was of whiskey and copper, the consistency akin to blood. She could not speak, or move, or do much of anything except stare at the substance that covered her.

    "... W... why..."

    Welling up once more, tears would flow down her cheeks, smearing the blood along with it. Everything was still black... but a horrible scent emerged from nowhere, a shade of green, putrid at that, covered the empty landscape. The scent burned and stung her sensitive nose, but what made her even more terrified was the sensation... she knew this aura. This feeling. This... decay. And it stood behind her, a soft shade of red shining along her back, causing her to shiver. She could not bring herself to turn around but she heard the horrible "Sssss..." merely inches from her delicate eyes.

    "Ssssstupid woman..." the voice caused her to shiver once more, fur bristling up. A small pinch to both ears and a pain unlike any she could imagine shot through them, her regeneration unable to restore the pestilience that now consumed both of her feline ears. The desire to scream was for naught, her voice shrill and taken from her as she merely cried and cried, staining her cheeks and smearing the blood down her face and neck.

    Closing her eyes tightly, she wished for it all to stop.

    And as before, it did.

    But what was it now?

    What horrible thing would she see? Would she witness? Would she feel?

    The darkness was there, and yet another figure stood before her eyes once they dared to open. A dark figure, but silhouette was of her friend, Veskur. Yes, there was no doubt it was him, but where he stood, it looked as though something sharp was growing from his head. It speared through into a tall set of broken antlers, and the right side of his body was covered in eyes. Eyes that stared, wide and unblinking, right at her and into her very soul, it felt like. "Mi vefo..." the words crushed her heart slowly, as if a large clawed hand gripped it from within her very chest. "What have you done?... Look what you made me do..." More eyes broke open along the rest of the shadow form, all glaring now at her and shaking violently. The rabbit's natural eyes looked on at her, tired and disappointed. "This is not what I wanted for us..." His words continued to squeeze and crush her heart, every sentence echoing throughout the darkness and back onto her in full force.

    "please... please stop... please i am sorry.... i'm so sorry..."

    She begged. She cried. She could do nothing else but collapse from the intense pain, eyesight fading into a blur. Thousands of eyes all stared her down as she lost her own sight, feeling as if she were dying.



    She could hear... rain. Feel grass beneath her. The air smelled of petricore, and rain drizzled down onto her gently, washing away the blood. The pestilence. The fire. The darkness.

    Eyes opened cautiously, and she rose to her feet to find herself in a field once more, this time during a sunset shower. It was not cold. It was a warmth... unnatural, but it felt beyond wonderful. Wonderful... but sad. Sad, as she looked around her to see if there were any horrible things waiting... but she saw nothing. Nothing... but a single figure off in the distance, beneath a lone tree. They were tall, with broad shoulders and long limbs, and a scarf billowing in the gentle breeze. Cyan eyes were bright, and the Anitra knew who this was.

    Saying nothing, she slowly stepped forward and towards the figure, tears still running down her face and mixing with the rain. A few feet away, Lunette raised her hand, hoping to grab the other's in turn. A large amount of vibrant blue butterflies slew from the grass to obscure her vision, and when they were gone, so too was the figure. Everything remained the same, however, and even under the tree, standing in the same spot the figure had stood before, Lunette was...


    Completely... alone.

    The sound faded, and there was nothing but a deafening silence as the rain continued falling.

    Without sound, or noise, Lunette opened her mouth to scream and cry as loud as possible, but it was only silence. Silence as she fell to her knees and continued sobbing. Silence as her body collapsed onto the ground and she helplessly cried out to no one.

    There was nothing.

    But one thing.

    "This is your fault."

    A tiny shrill squeak escaped Lunette as she woke up.

    Her breathing was intense, body trembling and nails digging into the fabric of the sheets beneath her. Softly panting to catch her breath, Lunette's eyes darted across the room, seeing the ceiling and furnishings, but most importantly, Scaramouche. He was there, beside her. A few moments passed before her hand was raised slowly, and placed upon the striated arm. A simple touch made her sigh in relief, knowing this was real. This was really Scaramouche, and this was not a dream.

    "..." remaining silent as possible, the adrenaline from her nightmares began to fade, and her attention stuck to the resting android at her side, staring lovingly... and sadly... at his metallic face. Lunette tried to calm herself down, deep breaths taken, trembling hands and body becoming steady once more.

    She was free now of her nightmares and the feelings from them, but there was still a tingling of fear. Curling her body up into a ball, making herself as little as possible, Lunette curled into Scaramouche, listening to his frame and inner workings once more and trying to put it all past her... To forget.

    It was hard.

    It was hard because it all felt so real and painful and agonizing.

    Real tears began to gently roll down her cheeks, but she did not sob. Her cry was soft, soundless, and meek.

    She continued to cry this weak cry until her body gave in... and she finally fell into sleep once more.

    This time, a dreamless sleep...


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    Re: Dawx'kmuho

    Post by Scaramouche on Sat May 19, 2018 7:36 pm

    Oh, Scaramouche was an absolutely puuuurrfect sleeping buddy. His aluminum frame was delightfully cool to the touch and capable of absorbing heat without needing much time or effort, not to mention silky smooth beneath most fingertips. Feeling overwhelmed on a hot summer day? Hug the android and enjoy a cool breather. Feeling slow on a cold winter day? Hug the android and warm those cold, aching bones. Whatever the season, Scaramouche's body was just that good. Despite such lauded usefulness, however, it was woefully lacking in one crucial department of everyday life.


    Instantly, the android's systems roused awake and the diodes of his LED display flickered with a familiar cyan glow. "...Hm?" Something must be wrong. Scaramouche hadn't found the culprit, but he will. A large hand reached over and tenderly squeezed the Anitra's shoulder. "Mi vefo, is everythin' okay?" he asked, voice barely above a concerned whisper. Why had Lunette cried out in the middle of the night and sounded so alarmed, so... terrified?

    The realm of sleep was admittedly something Scaramouche didn't understand. The robot at first thought Lunette had managed to hurt herself in her sleep, or that something had bit her during the night. When he carefully lifted up the covers and took a peek, finding no creepy-crawlies nestled between the sheets or self-inflicted claw marks on Lunette's body, his prior assumptions were quickly deemed erroneous. He frowned at the revelation, and then noticed the silent tears running down the Anitra's face. Everything immediately became clear. "Aw, Lu..." A nightmare. It was a nightmare that caused her grief, and Scaramouche felt hopelessly incompetent. If only he could devour them like Kev's unsightly beau! "Shh, shh... it's okay, mi vefo. You're safe, nothin' is gonna getcha." Nevertheless, the android did everything in his power to comfort his sweetheart.

    Metal fingertips delicately wiped away Lunette's tears and smoothed the hairs on her face. "It'll be okay, mi vefo, it'll be okay..." he quietly soothed. Poor Lunette... It broke the robot's heart seeing her torture herself like this, but Scaramouche could do nothing except reassure the Anitra with his presence, his touch, and his love. Perhaps that's all the robot needed. He inched closer to Lunette, as close as possible without smothering her to death, and bundled her within a tight, loving embrace. Warmth blossomed around the pair and kept the night's chill at bay. "I'm right here, alright? I'm right here..." Gradually, Lunette's shaky breathing lessened and her heart rate slowed; telltale signs that the Anitra had dozed off into what was hopefully a better night's rest. But, in the event that it wasn't...

    Scaramouche rested a cheek against Lunette's healthy head of hair and did what any momma cat would do for her frightened kitten. He purred, filling the Anitra's ears with gentle song and banishing the last of her troubles with a soft kiss on the forehead.

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