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    Ringing in The New Year

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    Ringing in The New Year

    Post by Universal NPC on Tue May 15, 2018 10:43 pm

    DATE: 5/15/y9
    TIME: 21:30


    Another year.

    It was hard to believe that, at least four years ago, that the three highwaymen had arrived here and have thrived for so long with nary an issue. One member was down and out, but that was no loss to the other two. The speckled gargoyle and purple daemon were quite content with their current life; cooking, cleaning, gardening... it was simple, kind of slow, but it was far better than going around and causing trouble... at least, too much. Now and then, the two would wander the forest late in the night or early in the morning, finding lost travelers or hunters that did not belong, and having a little bit of devious fun. A few items here, some money there... no one was killed or truly hurt in the process. It was just a means to repay their kind and loving employer, giving her gifts of questionable origin.

    A hidden cottage nearby the tavern, in the thickest brush on the forest line, housed the two guardians, who found their own abode a nice change to a dinky basement. It allowed them a bit of freedom, letting the cottage fill with the scent of alcohol and cigars. Boon the main culprit of the cigars, chewing on one as he slouched on a cushy couch and flicked through the television, a small and square old-timey tube version. Luckily for the daemon, it was colored and had a decent sound system. The other, Collins, was at a desk where a few gemstones were scattered about, a bright lamp shining directly down on the work the gargoyle was fiddling with.

    It was a Tuesday, and that meant they had the day off to lounge and do whatever they pleased. Boon found that old shows on the tube and a nice cold brew were one of his favorite ways to relax, while Collins busied himself with simple things, such as notes on the tavern, the surrounding area and anything else he had heard or seen. The gargoyle had eyes and ears all over the forest and meadows, only doing so to be up-to-date with the do-nothings of the citizens that roamed about... and for any signs of trouble.

    Today, however, he was working on something via Lunette's request. The stone creature held in his hand a silver band, beautiful and shining as if it were recently polished. Inside, the words 'Jeicmuko' were inscribed as Collins made a large indention for placing a stone. Carefully, a small polished stone was placed and set onto the band. The filigree that wrapped itself around the band and made it look elegant was planned via sketches from Lunette, who, while by no means an artist, did a pretty alright job for what she had in mind. Collins did his best to replicate it.

    "Still workin' on that thing?" Boon asked as he flipped to another channel. "Mm," was Collins' response, the gargoyle fixated on his work. "Did she ask ya t' enchant the ring?" Boon leaned his head over the sofa's arm and glanced to the other curiously. "No." The daemon's tail flicked about as he rolled over onto his stomach, "huh! Thought she would. It's special, ain't it?" "Yes." There was a slight pause of silence before Boon pursed his lips and squinted, noting a small black book next to the other misplaced gemstones. It had a rune on it, and caused the daemon to be even more curious.

    "So... what are you enchantin' it with?" Collins' ear flicked a little, mouth curling from a neutral expression to a scowl. "... What? I wanna know! I ain't gonna judge!" "... If you must know, Lunette chose a rose quartz. The gemstone itself is symbolic of love and protection... but I am merely amplifying such natural properties." Tilting his head, the daemon continued to stare until Collins continued, "... it's a simple gesture of good faith. Mind altering properties do not affect Scaramouche, so I am giving it a small 'barrier'; any malicious thing that comes close will be repelled. It will be even more powerful if Lunette is nearby." A tiny surprised gasp escaped Boon as his white eyes grew large, and would sparkle if possible. "... Please don't make that face."

    It was too late; the daemon was on his feet and wrapping those fuzzy muscled arms around Collins in a friendly hug, patting his head. "I knew ya liked 'em~! And here ya are, makin' their special day even more special! Ain't ya just the sweetest?" "MMMMMMMMMMMMRELEASE ME" The hug was ended, hands in the air as he backed up and away from the grumpy gargoyle to return to his seat on the couch. "I getcha, I getcha... I dunno why ya gotta be so sour all th' time though!" Sour was just a natural look for Collins, because his lip curled a bit as he turned away to get back to the ring. "Yes, well. Don't tell her. It's not strong, but it should help with whatever the hell is going on around this place of late."

    Boon continued to watch his friend work, the ring coming together and looking quite professional. Eyebrows raised slightly as Collins attached said enchantment; it was simple, and required a small drop of blood to be smeared on the stone to create a rune. Said blood was in a tiny vial, where a fine paintbrush dabbed a bit and a swift stroke drew the necessary imagery. "Who's blood issat?" Boon asked, watching closely. "Lunette's -- given a while ago for another project." The daemon opened his mouth just a bit to speak, but it was closed swiftly, finding that an answer from Collins would just give him a headache later on.

    "... Is this kinda like, a ring version of Lulu's necklace?" "... Kind of. It will get stronger as they both do so together, just like her own necklace enchantment. Both rely on their love and trust for one another... which I guess is fitting." "And romantic~" Boon grinned, showing off his sharp fangs and teeth. "Yes... romantic." The concept was lost to Collins, only finding it joyful to create and be precise with his craftsmanship. There would be another two hours of nothing, Boon watching the telly and Collins finishing up the ring, before either of them spoke or did anything else.

    The gargoyle stood from his spot after placing the ring in a velvet case and into a locked drawer, intending to give it to the Anitra tomorrow, early in the morning. Stepping over to a coat rack, he retrieved a crimson long coat and top hat, placing it neatly and leveled upon his head. "Get your shoes on. We've a few things to look into tonight." Boon tilted his head, furrowing a brow with a hint of agitation. "Eh? What th' hell are you talkin' about?" Collins turned and gave him a dead stare, pausing for time. "... It's been noted that a small band of hooligans have recently come into possession of an interesting firearm... and I intend to retrieve it."

    Within an instant, Boon stood, face a mixture of surprise and realization. "... I see you caught on quick. That's good. Let's get going before they head elsewhere, and the firearm is lost again." The daemon lifted the couch and grabbed a pair of boots, hurriedly putting them on and stepping out the door, hat barely hanging on his head. "Yer sure it's the missin' pair? I thought that--" "I'm one hundred percent certain." The two looked back to the tavern, as if hoping to see someone in a window, and saw a few lights on. "We won't be gone long," the gargoyle assured the other, and the two of them walked off into the dense forest...

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