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    A Small Hint



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    A Small Hint

    Post by Nym on Sun May 20, 2018 1:39 am

    DATE: 5/17/y9
    TIME: 15:45

    Near the edge of the forest, there was an area that kissed the mountains nearby. There, many larger predators found their homes, and the forest was far denser. It was hard to find one's way through the forest here, a few travelers that dared to venture out finding their end via a larger hunting animal or becoming hopelessly lost. If one had wings, however, it was made far simpler. Nym found this area to have the sweetest of berries, black as night but their taste was beyond most flavors that ever graced his taste-buds. Sweet, a tad tart, a pinch sour... it made his mouth water, and it tasted amazing when mixed with the fresh meat of a deer.

    Mighty teeth ripped through a stag's flesh and placed the chunk aside, grabbing a few dark berries to place atop the slab of meat. A large bite and the slab was chewed thoroughly and slowly, enjoying the mixture of flavors together. As Nym ate his kill, he took note of a lack of animals in the area. It was a little sudden, and there weren't many birds or insects making noise as earlier. It was... odd! The Digimon couldn't quite think on what it could be, distracted with his hunger and not worrying too much about it. Perhaps it was a climate change or something.

    Meat picked clean from the stag, the skeleton remained as Nym licked his lips and began walking away, towards a creek nearby that babbled and made his throat thirst. Crouching and dipping the tip of his mouth, he drank a bit. It was a long drink, but refreshing... until something hit his nose. Reacting with his nose crinkling and a lip curl, Nym lifted his head and sniffed the air deeply, releasing a grumble.

    Something was... wrong.

    The smell was very faint but... it was there. Something unnatural. It reminded him very slightly of Fear's brother, to a degree, but he knew better than to assume it was he. Kev would have mentioned it, surely. No, this was something different... but it wasn't terribly strong enough for him to guess what it could be. Just something bad and rotten, was all he could assure. The urge to wander and investigate what it could be ran through the digital monster's head, but--

    "That would be foolish..." he said quietly to himself. By no means did he want to get involved in something just to die or be hurt. That would be careless and thoughtless, charging in without nary an idea of what was going on. Shaking his head, Nym sniffed once more and tried very hard to pin where the waft was coming from. Alas, there was nothing he could do, or would do, for now. All he knew was that something foul was in the mountains, and that was enough. Drinking water once more, Nym wiped his mouth and glanced to the mountains one last time before heading off back to the grasslands.

    There would be no mountain travel for a while, but he would return at a later date, he thought, to make sure it wasn't still there.

    Nym hoped it would be gone.

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