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    Stroll Through His Garden

    Daemeon Serpentongue
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    Stroll Through His Garden

    Post by Daemeon Serpentongue on Tue May 22, 2018 1:20 pm

    Time: Midnight
    Date: May 22, 0001

    Descending from his perch on the split tree, Daemeon landed on the bank of the river. Ruensmortis was still sleeping in the crevice of the tree that had been his incubator. The deadly field of tulip-like flowers had expanded even more in the week. They now took root in every nook and cranny of this secluded valley. Trees were being choked by web-like white vines from the flowers and slowly drained of their resources. The trees that had already been choked to death, laid on their side or still stood tall but were now as pale as bones and produced no leaves.

    All throughout this valley, large life was becoming scarce. Herbivore mammals that consumed the plants quickly died off, leaving behind decaying corpses for crows and ravens to feed on. As for the insects, they were thriving. Maggots the size of small kittens roamed the valley, looking for their next meal or fell prey to spiders the size of dogs. The crickets grew too and became aggressive to anything that got too close to them. Well, almost anything. Daemeon could wander throughout this new ecosystem without fear of being attacked. The creatures knew who had created this land and treated him with the utmost respect.

    The demon continued to walk threw his new garden. Looking around, his demonic eyes could see clearly through the purple miasma that laid thick in the air. It didn’t harm the demon either, unlike the mammals that once inhabited this valley. Corpses of large beasts laid everywhere, waiting to become a meal to the large insects. Taking a deep breath, the demon sighed. “I still need more sacrifices to gain more power. The lives of this meaningless creatures did nothing for me or Ruensmortis.” He flexed one arm and curled his hand into a fist. He did feel stronger that he did in the city but not as strong as he wanted to. He still could only use some minor Dark Energy tricks, parlour tricks really. He wanted to be able to use something big by now, like being able to summon his Dark Energy companions or Sunder Reality like he could back home. “Oh well, all wicked things come to those who wait,” he said to himself.

    Looking up at the sky, Daemeon saw the stars and Moon that was tinted purple. “And no one to stop me…” There was a wicked grin on his face as he turned around and began to head back Ruensmortis.

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