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    A Blooming Success

    Daemeon Serpentongue
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    A Blooming Success

    Post by Daemeon Serpentongue on Thu May 24, 2018 2:29 am

    Time: Noon
    Date: May 23, 0001

    Taking a deep breath, Daemeon continued his walk through his valley of death. Ruensmortis was circling overhead, drawing purple miasma and black wisps from the remaining mammals that persisted in this land of darkness. Amused by this, the demon watched as a large elk fell over and maggots raced to it, ready to consume the decaying flesh. Death and decay were accelerated here by the miasma Daemeon’s flowers created. Well accelerated for those organisms that weren’t consumed by the miasma and adapted to it.

    The entire valley was a boneyard with skeletal, pale white trees. Vines hung of the trees with a pale pigment to them. The water even had changed colors. It was now a bright blue, unusual for such a dark and dreary place, but there was a secret with the water. There was nothing in the water: no roots, vines, or even fish for that matter. In the miasma, one could see a slight grey mist coming off of it and a small bubbles floated up to the surface. Not even Daemeon dared to go in the water. If he wanted to return to his temporary abode in the split tree, he would blink to the small island.

    “Ah… It’s so peaceful and beautiful here,” Daemeon sighed. He walked down an old deer trail with a slight spring in his step. Ruensmortis followed overhead, still consuming miasma and the lifeforce of those poor unfortunate orgasmism that just couldn’t adapt. “But it’s still missing some things though. It needs one more thing, but what?”

    At that moment, Ruensmortis landed behind Daemeon and roared. It had grown a lot in the recent week. When it hatched, it was about as high as the demon and about ten feet long, but now, the beast was almost twice as high as Daemeon and about fifteen feet long. It still looked the same as it did on that fateful day that Nyreena was trapped below the ground.

    “I wonder when her dearly beloved Dominick will come to save her?”
    the demon pondered as he petted Ruensmortis side. Looking towards the massive split tree, Daemeon’s lips curled. “Either way, we will be ready for him and anyone else if he brings company…”

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