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    Post by Kev on Wed May 30, 2018 1:38 am

    Time: 2:14 PM
    Date: May 25, 0009

    Grass tickled at Kev's calves, the reptilian man seated in his backyard. Nearby, he could hear the soft sound of sheep chewing on the blades. Their little feet pounded the dirt, soft baas escaping them. Wind roamed over his scales as the sun beamed down. Meditation was important, and so the alien tried to focus on all of these sensations. The soft vibrations in the ground of a car driving down the street. A fulfilling sensation as his body greedily took in the sunshine. There was a pitter-patter of tiny legs upon a knee, making him creak open an eye. Crawling upon his bare knee was a little black ant, antennae wriggling. He reached over, presenting his fingertips to the ant. After a bit of hesitation, it climbed onto his index finger. He moved his hand down, pressing the digit against a blade of grass. Only when it left his hand did Kev pull it away and go back to his previous position of folding his hands in his own lap. Deep inhale...and a deep exhale. Impermanence.

    What a sorry month this was turning out to be. What a sickening, sorry, cumbersome month May had been. Kev felt like a man adrift at sea. He tried to keep his head above water, stubbornly holding onto his family and friends, only to have something continuously pull at his ankle and threaten to drag the alien into the deep. The culprit was, as it always seemed to be, that awful demon. Daemeon. It all started with Nyreena's ill-advised decision to take a hapless new guy and decide to murder the demon. Where before it had been thoughtless stupidity, now Kev knew that the reason for her actions had apparently been demonic thoughtless stupidity.

    Both hands clenched into conjoined fists, irritation flaring up within him. Time truly loved to repeat itself, this was something Kev had learned long ago. Despite the period of peace they had enjoyed, it seems that time decided to come a-calling. It came in the form of Daemeon, and it elicited a repeat of many past wrongs. First, of course, was Nyreena. The past Daemeon had infected her, used her to kill Alexander. He erroneously thought the infection had died with her, but nope! Not at all, of course not! The ghost woman was secretly still infected and all it took was that idiot coming back for it all to begin yet again! Time was repeating itself, and Nyreena was being shoved squarely in the slot Jak once possessed as a pawn of Daemeon's who was likely to die. A pawn who stirred up loads of trouble. Here's hoping Dominick wouldn't be abandoned like Nyreena had been.

    Speaking of, more irritation flared up at the thought of the dhampir. He was supposed to help get Nyreena straightened out! And now he'd apparently lost her, or let her go after Daemeon? Knowing that she was infected by Daemeon's blood? How the hell did that happen? It was the opposite of trying to straighten the situation out and keep it under control! Now he'd arranged a whole search and rescue in order to find her! Going right into Daemeon's den, where he probably had traps! Where he probably had a plan in store for them! Where they would probably all die! Annoyance seemed to grip the alien, who was breathing harder and harder. It was all so futile! How could people ignore Kev's repeated warnings?! Why would they deliberately march into Daemeon's horrid home!?

    The only way to win is not to play his game.

    The only way to win is not to play his game.

    The only way to beat Daemeon, you cannot play his game


    "Ah-!" Kev jolted, eyes snapping open to stare at what had snuck up on him-! It was the dangerous and elusive sheep, Lavender, who stared at the alien with shiny yellow eyes. Little tail wagging, she snuggled closer and bumped her snout against Kev's side. "Lavender, you scared me..." For the best, perhaps. He was about to dive headfirst into the ocean. His fingers rubbed around the ewe's leathery black ear, much to her snorting approval. "You guys must feel so cooped up here...I'm sorry. Next time for sure, I promise." Yet another thing to chalk up to Daemeon's recent shenanigans. Fear and himself had mutually agreed that the atmosphere outside of the city was just too hectic and chaotic. They had other lives to protect, and they refused to give the demon that chance.

    For her part, Lavender didn't seem to hold it against Kev that she didn't have a wide field to prance in. She instead decided to start nibbling the denim of his shorts, teeth grinding against the rough fabric. He chuckled lightly and pushed her face away. "No." Well, it was clear that meditation wouldn't be helping him today. He rose from the grass, still patting the sheep's freshly sheared side. Whatever would happen, Kev still tried his best to keep away from the situation. Maybe when people were open to listening, he'd give his advice and try to tell them about his experiences with Daemeon. For now, it was clear that people would prefer to charge at the enemy without thinking about consequences.

    Daemeon always won somehow. It was a hard lesson to learn, but it was time for Dominick, Nyreena, Batman, Sam, Anjeet, and Shai to learn it too. How else could they really understand, without getting to taste that bitter victory? Knowing that Daemeon still succeeded in some way, as he always did? He died, but at what cost? What plans had been metastasized by knowing that people would fight against him? People didn't seem to understand that he wanted an opponent. He wanted an enemy. Until strategies changed and people decided to nip his plans in the bud without literally strolling into the demon's lair, Daemeon would continue to get what he truly wanted. He was going to win.

    But from this point on, Kev's hands were washed. Metaphorically at least, as he stepped over to the shed that the sheep slept in. Yep, full of dirty hay and dung. Definitely metaphorically washed. "If you can't run around in the grasslands, I can at least get your little 'barn' here cleaned. That sound good?" Lavender's tail wiggled and he reached for the shovel. Eventually, the alien would find peace of mind. For now, chores were a great way to distract himself.

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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