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    Post by Ariana Lee on Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:03 am

    Time: 1 PM
    Date: April 11, 0008, the day after this

    After a long night and morning at the hospital, Ariana had finally been cleared to go home. The doctor had insisted on observing her to make sure there wasn't any extensive damage, and it had honestly given the woman a chance to shower off at the hospital. With her regeneration, the hospital actually didn't have to do much. A blood transfusion, a meal, and time to rest was the medicine for Ariana! A brief visit to her place of work to request the day off had been next on the list. Thank God her boss was understanding about...well. Being attacked by a giant beast. It wasn't really something one could control. Once all of her business had been settled, she was finally free to head home.

    Backpack still slung on her shoulder, the woman stepped through the lobby and spared a wave for the Inn staff. No offense, but Ariana wasn't in the mood to talk. She stepped aboard the elevator and pressed '3'. A shoulder leaned against the side of the lift with a soft sigh. Ding! The doors opened and the woman stepped out onto the third floor. She turned for the hallway to the right, rifling through her backpack to grasp the key to her door. She stepped inside, the hand clicking lightly behind her... and she immediately relaxed. Home filled her nostrils. "Finally..."

    Depositing the backpack into the nearest chair, Ariana kicked off her sneakers by the door and breezed past the living room. She made a beeline right for the kitchen, stomach already grumbling. She was still clothed in the outfit she'd changed into last night, the baggy gray t-shirt and the khaki shorts. Although her body and hair had been cleaned in a shower, her shirt still had dried blood. Probably accounted for some of the odder looks she'd garnered, but oh well. That was an issue for later. Her hands worked automatically, pulling out slices of bread. Sliced cheese and ham was snagged from the fridge, stacking up a thick sandwich. The smell of meat and cheese with the fresh bread made her drool in anticipation. But before she could sit for a snack... Setting the sandwich atop a paper towel, Ariana left it at the dining room table. With a brief visit to her bedroom, Ariana returned in a clean pair of pajamas. Much better...no more crusty blood stains!

    It didn't take long for her to finish off her sandwich, crusts and all. After the fight with that strange being, she had a lot of energy to make up for! Leaning back in her chair, feet stretched out under the table, the moment of peace in her room gave her a chance to reflect on the situation. Between going to the hospital and needing to inform her boss, this was the first time Ariana had a chance to just think. First thing's first, no more late night trips into the forest! Whatever the situation with that crazy dragon bird, their fight had been too close. She could stay to the heartlands, maybe? Stick closer to the city? Hrrm...

    Well, it hadn't been entirely bad. Snapping her jaws and tussling with that thing had been fun for a while. Thrilling, even! It made her heart pump with adrenaline! Dangerous and yet somewhat...enjoyable. But the beast was just so unfamiliar, as was his rider. He grabbed her in his mouth and carried her over to the woman. The woman who called her a toy... And then... And then pure chaos. But why...?

    Dear maiden... What reason have you in staying your hand?

    The voice, still so sweet in her memories, made the young woman jolt up in her chair. T-the cat! The God that took the form of an ebony cat! That's right, he spoke to her when Ariana was still dangling in that creature's mouth! He encouraged her to strike out, to prove her worth as a werewolf and attack! From that point on, her memories of the event became more frantic and vicious, narrow-mindedly eager to kill! Had the God's recognition and assurance meant that much to her? Was there some other form of...God tomfoolery? The voice had sounded so nice, so soothing... So tempting. Perhaps she'd just lost her temper...? It wouldn't be the first time her werewolf instincts had gotten out of control. Whatever had happened, that complete lack of control over herself was a little frightening. Yet...it also felt so good. Letting loose and fighting without abandon... But that Nym guy, he had to step in. Without him, Ariana was sure that somebody would have died. Whether it was her or that beast, it hadn't mattered at the time.

    Well, whatever had happened... Ariana didn't want a repeat of it. Nym shouldn't have had to step in. That was on her. A yawn interrupted her thoughts, the woman stretching lightly. "Mm..." Perhaps that was enough thinking. A nap sounded fantastic... She didn't even have the drive to go to her bedroom! Ariana rose from her chair at the table and flopped onto the couch, cheek squished against the cushion. She buried her face into a couch pillow and grabbed halfheartedly for a simple throw that had been draped across the back of the couch. Once she was wrapped up like a burrito, the woman pulled her glasses off and left them on the coffee table with the last bit of energy she had.  Her eyelids fluttered as everything went black and Ariana was left to dream of strange cats, dinosaurs, and winged creatures.

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