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    The Folly of Lesser Demons



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    The Folly of Lesser Demons

    Post by Diablo on Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:48 pm

    Time: Precipice of Dawn
    Date: 8/20/0009

    Act I
    The Fallen Lord

    There had been rumblings; distant and faint. Something stirred far in the mountains... Something menacing and unopposed for far too long, undoubtedly content with its precarious existence. This simply will not do. It must be contained, it must be... culled. The beating of ebony wings will see to that.

    "Caw, caw, caw!" cried the raven, ever more.

    Far above the rotted vale, safe from its noxious fumes and out of reach from danger's jaws, the observant bird circled patiently, its golden eyes fastened to the treacherous world below. Something lurked within the suffocating fog, oh yes... Something large, something meddlesome. And that something had overstayed its welcome long enough. Feathered wings banked to the right and caught a thermal draft, the raven's silky breast filled with a pleasant warmth. For now, it was content to soar, high amidst the heavens and without fear of retaliation; without fear of gnashing teeth and splintered bone. "Vaal Hazak! Vaal Hazak!" That was its name. A name so foul that even the winds dared not whisper it for fear of sullying their wispy hems, nor the pristine waters that gurgled and ebbed from the mountain's tears. They were afraid, yes. Afraid to share in the plagued earth's fate, defiled and riddled with half-finished carcasses. Tch... the elements were fickle things.

    Still, their muted cries had not gone unheard. The master had taken notice, and the master was displeased. Such a grotesque abomination ought not be left unsupervised. And yet, there it was... roaming these lands without prudence or respect for its superiors. A mistake; a testament to irresponsible magics. That alone had earned the master's ire well enough.


    Invisible strings tugged and the raven obediently followed its master's hand, steering its diligent wings toward home. That had been enough surveillance for one morning. The beast was mindless as ever, and showed no signs of leaving the safety and comfort of its putrid abode. A pity... but there was always more than one way to remove a nuisance. And who better to dirty themselves than the ever-helpful populace of Portal Breach? The raven cried out as it disappeared into the horizon and herald a coming doom. Whether that belonged to the beast or its slayers remained to be seen...

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