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    Dark Waters



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    Dark Waters

    Post by Virana on Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:37 pm

    Date: ??? (September 14th, Y9)
    Time: Near Sunset

    There was something wrong.

    Virana was drifting along the surface of the water, flabbergasted by the new location. She felt... so weak. Like every ounce of strength was drained from her body forcibly. Once she had exited through that odd portal and rose to the surface, it hit her like a bag of cement. She could still swim, that was not the issue... The sea-woman looked all around her lazily as she waved a hand beneath the waves, the waters barely motioning to her touch. She could not control them. They did not answer to her.

    This was not her ocean.

    Irritated, Virana dunk her head below and swam back beneath the waves, searching for sealife. She saw basic fish, some familiar, some not... several coral reefs made up homes of aquatic creatures, seaweed hiding tiny fish and small holes within rocks that were the homes of thin eels and other dangerous water-noodles. Virana attempted to make conversation; a sound no one but aquatic life could hear emitted from her throat, but the creatures did not react. They seemed disinterested in her. They didn't listen to her. Just as the waters did not. Frustrated, the sea-woman swam quickly forwards, heading towards the closest spot of land in order to speak to others.

    She had to find out what was going on.

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