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    Truth Hurts

    Orion McDunnan
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    Truth Hurts

    Post by Orion McDunnan on Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:32 pm

    Date: Oct 1, 2018
    Time :1:30 am

    In the earliest hours of morning Orion had made his way to the outer district walking briskly, and lost in his thoughts. The people in the sanctuary had shaken him with truthful words and observations of how he had treated Blaise. The young man had been quick to latch onto him, Orion figured it was out of some desperation. Blaise had admitted to him once that he hated to be alone. Orion was fond of the little guy and accepted it, but...

    He had done wrong by Blaise no doubt. And their most recent fight was proof that he could be dangerous. Truly it seemed that continuing this relationship could be playing with fire. Orion still didn't know what was wrong with him. And the observation that he was dismissive stuck in his mind. He wasn't comfortable showing affection openly. And if Blaise was at all important to him- he didn't show it. He feared showing it. He was paranoid that if he got too settled , too comfortable , a loved one could be taken away. But that was hardly an excuse.

    Orion didn't know what the bot had meant by 'gaslighting' but he did see that to others he appeared to be more of a figure that told Blaise what to do, and acted more like a nanny or minder- or parental figure than a partner. It made him shudder for more reasons than one. He tried to think of any times he'd been in anything that could be called a relationship but after the ill fated friendship he had back home as a young man.. he came up empty. Sure he'd had little trysts with women of his class as a teenager and adult. But he'd never really had a relationship. He didn't really know what a relationship was supposed to look like beyond youthful friendships. And odds are he probably got that wrong too.

    Why did he feel the need to parent Blaise? The shorter alien was twenty after all. But sometimes he didn't seem it. And he would say or do things that made Orion cringe thinking of what happened when one acted like that where he was from. He would be punished , made an example of, or end up hurt. He wanted to keep Blaise safe from all the kinds of pain he remembered enduring , when he was like that. He wanted to see Blaise grow naturally, normally.

    Not end up the aloof, emotionally broken shell of a person he was.

    But it had turned him into a domineering control freak. Orion ran his hands through his hair. People here saw him as abusive and perhaps it would bother him less were it not for the fact he could see it too.

    If he was going to protect Blaise from harm, that included Orion himself too. At least until he figured out what was wrong with him and how he could fix it.

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