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    Living a Nightmare



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    Living a Nightmare

    Post by Curiosity on Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:39 am

    DATE: 8/29/2018, after His death this thread
    TIME: 8:49 PM

    Seven full sunsets had passed since the large striped beast had last slept on the roof of this humble abode. Quite miraculously it held his weight, and has been every night since his second lake related incident. No one but the fluffy one’s hunting party, the Vaal they put down, and the demonic tree they burned knew what has be come of the furry winged knife.

    Somewhere within the sleepy home a wall clock ticked its hands pointed out the time of eight forty-nine and fifty-six seconds. Four seconds from making it exactly seven days since a battered beast nuzzled his last.


    Perhaps the family’s furry(and feathery) pets could feel the sudden presence and a rare fizzing of ones and zeros. The structure’s roof creaked slowly feeling the slowly appearing weight. Two seconds more... A light gale blew through the accumulating numbers as they took up their designated point. Much like the how the computers rendered three dimensional objects, they quickly formed paws and the tip of a twitching tail. Tick... From bottom up claws, spikes, wings, muscular shoulders, and a sleeping fuzzy head were formed.


    As the clock’s long hand moved into place, the object rendered on the roof took in its first sleepy breath. The missing beast was back and fast asleep. He was as tired as when he was before he passed. The Deviant was purring and dreaming of the happy times in his world’s forest territory. It was like he was re-living his life then and even as he’d gone through that sneaky portal to meet a certain ruby eyed woman. He certainly purred louder at the memory of Scaramouches and learning to communicate with Kev, but alas it seems that his dream had other plans.

    A flash familiar wicked yellow eyes suddenly consumed his dream vision, their chaotic burning depts striking with fear. Curi visibly flinched as the memory of the demonic aura grasped him.

    Outside the dream his fur fluffed, pointy ears drew back, the nargacuga actually managed to flatten himself against the sturdy roof. Luckily, his claws hadn’t decided to unsheathe right through the water proof tiles, though they did peak out  to leave thin tiny scratches. Curi did not wake, not yet.

    The demonic eyes and fear shifted into a more comfortable scene, allowing the furry beast to relax once more. In this part of his dream his favorite assassin bot was working magic in the kitchen, while the bot’s mate and their many friends were gathered around the sanctuary enjoying the company. The varied colors and sizes of the food prepared was very drool worthy.

    In the real world, Curi was unconsciously licking his beakmaw. A dribble of drool escaped the side of his maw, proof of how much the fluffmiester enjoyed the bot’s cooking, even in his dreams. Be it with or without cumin and thyme the creature trusted this sassy assassin too much to feel the need to think twice about what he was fed.

    Unfortunately, in this dream he looked down at his massive plate and found some traces ink like liquid. Scrambling backwards in surprise, the dreaming beast looked up at the confused chef with questions written on his beaked face. It wasn’t squid!

    Before he could examine the meal further the scenery changed to the one of the lake, it’s cool waters lapped against his paws. His wings were water logged and Scarlet stood before him half submerged in the dreaded water and slowly walk to wards him. Something was different about her eyes, they were an evil molten yellow. Once close enough the Ex-rider reached deep into the water, searching for something. By this point the nargacuga had already taken a dream step back. He had a feeling he knew what would come next, and begged that he was wrong.

    The woman before him pulled a familiar spear up from the lake’s dead water and gave it a full swing to effectively dry it while creating a satisfying FWiiiinngg! Sadness filled the beast’s core as he widened his stance and gave the hunter a reluctant warning growl. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he knew how this part of the dream went.

    An overpowering sensation filled his body, it was like a gale of flame and wind was released from his chest. Anger took over, tinting his vision in the deepest shade of red. How dare she chose to slay him! And for what? To relive past glories from a world long destroyed?! Preposterous!

    Fight her. Kill her.

    ’Fight... Kill...’

    Rise... Rise and defy the arbitrary spinning of Fate's wheel. Rise and declare your right to live!

    Their movements were a blur of violent anger and pain, betrayal and sorrow has evolved in to such emotions. By the end of it the nargacuga was panting over his rider’s corpse as it faded into numbers. The beast himself was barely hanging by a thread of life, in fact he was on his belly panting. Her spear was a bane to his side, quite literally as she managed to jam it into his shoulder before going down.

    While still locked in his dream sequence the Deviant has squirmed and swiped at the air. Surely someone would had noticed the growling and all the movement on the roof?

    Back in Curiosity’s dream the lake scenery faded out into a pair of blank optics. They seemed familiar some how, even the way an ink like substance leaked out from them. The beast got a cold and frightening feeling from them, but he couldn’t move nor look away, even as the black liquid dropped on his matted fur.

    A tarnished red cybertronian mech stood up, his black leaking eyes hovered high over the paralyzed splooting beast. Bloodied sawblades caught a glint of cavern-light as they were raised to strike.


    It was replay of his last memory, and reading this you know how that ended.


    In a quick motion the nargacuga dodged left avoiding barely a fatal blow that drove into his wing membrane. With a cry of pain the Deviant forced himself to move. He swung around trying to get out of the way of the second whirling blade, but he was too slow. Thunk!... The blade ripped though his collarbone like hot knife through butter. The sound of the whirling blades of death were still screeching in his ears when his vision faded into black.


    Curi’s whipped around so fast that he saw white and a blaze of red rage. He was expecting to see the cavern’s glowing interior decoration but what met him was a beautiful star lit sky. Trails of red light followed his eyes as he whirled around, or tried. Apparently, he was falling backwards and was too close to the ground to save his pride.

    With the grace worthy of a flopping plesioth the fluffy one flailed his limbs in vain. He only managed to entangled his tail in the near by tree? of... a fenced in backyard?



    The tips of his bladedwing fingers dug deep into the soft cushy grass and healthy soil. The position effectively trapping him upside down, stunned, and unable to tell if he was still dreaming. You try getting your fingers, which are practically your body length or more, stuck into the ground with you belly in the air, paws flailing to the sky, and tail anchored into a sturdy tree!


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    Re: Living a Nightmare

    Post by Fear Yesterday at 8:15 pm

    There wasn't much that tickled Fear's funny bone these days, but when something did...



    The decrepit old superfiend looked up from his reading material - a lovely crime novella by the name of 'The Big Sleep' - and regarded this latest inconvenience with all the patience beknownst to the grave. He picked up his unwavering gaze and silently looked to the scaly alien seated to his immediate left. No words were spoken throughout this simple exchange. They were, as with many things, unnecessary.

    A monster.

    A monster had been on the roof, caterwauling and writhing in despair, and Fear wouldn't be having anything of the sort. It was nighttime. People were unwinding. What sort of unruly business was this, and why was it on their home? It was unbecoming! The answer was of course Kev. Always was it Kev. And, as the ghoul calmly set down his book, the lights of his ethereal eyes flickering with an ominous glow, Fear knew exactly how to remedy the disturbance. He reached over to the alien without a word, the ancient bones in his wrist creaking like the old tree out back, and with an otherworldly flare of a black flame - FWOOSH! - Kev soon found himself whisked away, out of the warmth and safety of their comfortable home and now in the midst of what agitated the superfiend so. Fear needn't bother with the monster's unsorted thoughts and emotions to understand that this was his Keptoya's problem.

    Satisfied, the animated cadaver returned his focus to his novella and casually flipped the page as if nothing had transpired, Fear once again sucked back into the black-and-white vortex.

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