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    A Deal's a Deal! Empty A Deal's a Deal!

    Post by Knock Out on Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:59 pm

    Time: 1 PM
    Date: November 1, 0009

    October had been far busier than Knock Out had imagined it would be. Between the Halloween marathons every weekend, getting reacquainted with the populace at large, a few disagreements in between, people dropping by the Drive-In, and a Halloween party at the Sanctuary...! Well, the month wound up rather bloated. It was preferred to the whisper of a month September had been though. All in all, it left the mech little time to search for the Scotch Whiskey Fear had requested. Until today.

    Clothed once again in that cloak he so liked, Knock Out's feet creaked and shifted as he walked down the sidewalk. Clasped in his servoes was a long and thin brown paper bag. Every so often, one could hear liquid splashing against glass. Buying such a gift was very strange. Why was there a year assigned to every bottle? Did the age really make an impact or did organics make that up to make themselves feel better? He always found Energon best when fresh! The longer it just sat around after being refined, the more it seemed to lose that energizing feel to it. Oh well. Fear got his quarter of a century drink he'd asked for!

    Having reached the specific house he was looking for, the mech stood at the end of the walkway for a moment. Ruby red optics settled upon that little red door. As much as he'd like to regale Fear with a tale explaining just how right he had been, it was for the best that he just leave the drink and go. After the event with the thorns, Knock Out was sure that the ghoul would rub his mistakes into his face like a dog with soiled carpet. He wasn't sure he was ready to hear him cackle about just how on the money he was either! Nyreena had screwed the pooch five ways to Friday, Daemeon had completely vanished, and Knock Out had encountered the demon's last laugh! And oh what a laugh it was... The Cybertronian heaved a great vent and began the long walk to the door. It was almost a walk of shame, admitting his defeat in this little deal. Fear was right! He'd been wrong! Daemeon's little tricks had made their mark! But the important thing was that it was all behind them. Setting the paper bag down next to the doorway, Knock Out rapped his knuckles soundly upon the red door before he abruptly absconded away! Attached to the bottleneck outline of the bag was a note written in smooth and curvy letters:

    I uphold my promises, Fear. You called it.

    --Knock Out

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