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    Sunset's Song

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    Sunset's Song

    Post by Metal Man on Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:07 am

    Time: 5:23PM
    Date: November 12, 0009
    Location: Stock Pot Inn roof

    Ceramic titanium fingers from the young Robot Master's right hand carefully seemed to dance along the strings of his guitar, his left hand gently and idly strumming at the guitar he was dead set on eventually being able to pay Kev for. His lessons were going well so far, and he could almost swear that he wasn't twanging so much anymore unless he was startled, or possibly a little--oh, what was that world for wound up? The notes were still slow and a work in progress, but he figured, so was he.

    After all, he was a prototype to the Wily Numbers. And that wasn't a bad thing, necessarily. It wasn't an excuse but it was how he saw himself. It was technically true as well, as he was the first true creation of Dr. Wily and that itself carried the connotation. Prototype. A work in progress. Kind of like his music, really. He seemed to string short snippets of notes together while he gazed over toward the sunset on the city skyline.

    It was evenings like these that made him glad he liked high rooftops like that of the inn, where he could cast his gaze over the skyline and start playing music about a sunset for no other reason that the emotion that it had stirred. And in him, it seemed to stir something new in him. It wasn't wistfulness, no. It seemed almost like a longing. Like he had longed for the sun to set on something in his life, and let him awaken a new era.

    "Sun setting on a gold sky fallin'...I hear the whispers of the evenin' callin'. Fighting the beast always locked inside. Never let myself run and hide!" He started to sing out, out of nowhere.

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