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    Post by Minion on Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:27 pm


    Cleo's Corner 4xCjvxH

    Open from Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM

    The bakery of Cleo's Corner is a one story store that is situated on the corner of a main building. The entrance is bordered by wide display windows that hold colorful cakes and pies meant to entice window shoppers. Upon immediately entering the door, one will notice that the flooring is made of red ceramic tile. The counter is located just a few steps from the entrance for easier ordering. The entire menu is scribbled across the chalk boards behind the counter in a very neat print. Cookies, muffins, brownies, danishes, and cupcakes sit below the glass surface and across the counter top. Behind the counter sits all of the supplies needed to create every drink. Delicious smelling beans, whipped cream, and beige colored ceramic mug decorated with black sphinx cats. Speaking of cats, the counter is where one might often find a snoozing Cleo! A lovely sphinx cat usually dressed in a colorful sweater, Cleo is the origin of the bakery's name. She's rather sassy and spoiled, but always happy to indulge in some affection!

    Through the doorway behind the counter leads a tidy kitchen that smells heavily of bread. It is very roomy, and there is no shortage of utensils and bowls to use for mixing batter. There are normal ovens and bread ovens, as well as bread racks for baked bread to cool down on. There is also a stove top to use for cooking. The fridge and freezer are stocked with fresh ingredients for baking and cooking.

    Cleo's Corner R9A35p9

    Beyond the counter lies a line of tables against the brick wall. Dim lights hang from the ceiling above the wooden tables. One end of the tables has stools for people to sit at, while the other end along the wall provides seating in the form of a plush bench. There are a few cushy pillows provided to give extra support for customers! The center of the tables have small candles and flowers for a centerpiece. In total there are six square tables provided for seating here. The last area available for seating is a cozy little corner facing a window with a lovely view of the city's street. The wooden table is rectangular, providing more room. It's a cozy spot that's perfect for a small study group or a romantic couple in search of minor privacy. The seats provided on both sides of the table have a fuzzy white fabric covering. More pillows are scattered across the chairs for use wherever needed for maximum comfort!

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