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    Post by Livewire on Sun Jun 30, 2019 6:56 pm

    Date: 06/25/2019
    Time: 19:00 Closing Time

    Life was good.

    Life was very good.

    Life was, in a way, perfect. And she would do absolutely nothing to change anything. Nothing that could be done by her would be done by her in any capacity to change the way that life was!

    She was in charge of a business! While it was true that she had only earned about 8 credits so far (turns out most cats didn't need cat-sitting except in special circumstances), it wasn't the money she was doing it for. She had plenty of that from the allowance and her general need for nothing more than a roof over her head and a place to recharge in. She didn't even know if she COULD starve to death since her experiment had been unfairly halted the last time she tried to find out. Everything with the hotel was amazing. The clients were small and fuzzy. They meowed at her and, so far, she had managed to name and remember each and every one of them! She could pet cats as much as she wanted and be content in the knowledge that she was also providing a safe place for them to come in from the night and day. A place that, as far as she could make it, would be good for them.

    She was also in school! Doing school things. She had even managed to apologize to the brown-haired-brat that she refused to learn the name of for telling him that the reason he pushed over A'jan at gym was because his parents never cared enough about him to teach him not to, and that the chance of anyone else ever caring about him was very small! She had earned an entire detention for that one.

    Well, not so much for the comment, more that she told the presiding substitue that their efforts were a useless attempt at gaining control of their lives by exerting control on the children. That had been, she thinks, what had actually gotten her the detention.

    But that was fine. Because life, life was very good.

    It was fine.

    Everything was fine.

    She was busy.

    Besides! There were too many things to worry about for life to not be fine! She needed to get herself an employee! Or a volunteer! Someone! The cat's needs started to pile up sometimes and, as much as she was loathe to admit it, it did sometimes get lonely. Just a bit.

    She wouldn't mind someone else being there, provided that they didn't get in her way.  She wouldn't mind so much.

    The child crouched down with the dustpan in her hands as she pushed the clumps of fur into it with the plastic brush she held. Today had been a general grooming day for anyone that looked like they needed help shedding their coat for the oncoming summer days and boy did the fur fly. It flew up, down, around, and stuck to every single surface.

    She finally was realizing the error in her ways in investing in a brush and pan rather than a vacuum. While it was true that the manual method was less likely to scare the cats, due to it being less noisy and all, it did make getting fur off of the ceiling a bit more difficult.  Air whooshed through her vents as she stood back up and, as carefully as she could, picked her way across the floor. Chloe had given birth to a healthy (she would refuse to allow them to be anything else) litter of kittens the week before and they were going to start prowling around any day now. It was a risk of the job but, to Livewire, more than worth it.

    She refilled the food and water. The beds were set to have light heating while the air conditioning kept the air clean and cool. The toys were all accounted for (the ones bolted to the floor, anyway) and everything seemed to be in order.

    ...time to go, then.

    "Tiresias."  The sound of his name was all that was needed. Small paws padded across the floor until, with a pause for a spring, the well-groomed form of Tiresias the Blind jumped onto the front desk. Livewire allowed herself a smile as her hand naturally found its way to his back to brush over him while his head pushed against her sweater. He was a good cat, and a good boy. The femme gently placed a hand against his chest and the other behind his legs before bringing him into her arms. Tiresias, much used to this by now, only let out a small rumble of protest before he settled in for the walk home.

    The girl switched the sign in the window from Open to Closed, turned off the light, and locked the door after leaving.

    So, so busy. Too busy to think.

    Just how she liked it.

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